[Ppnews] 1,800 Prisoners in Arizona Jails on Hunger Strike

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Wed May 20 14:11:47 EDT 2009

I want to make sure you know about the 1,800 prisoners in Arizona 
jails that have been hunger striking to protest food and other 
conditions under Sheriff Arpaio there.   They've been intermittently 
striking for the past two weeks to demand better food.

The Sheriff retaliated yesterday placing the majority of the county 
jails on lock down and denying all prisoners their phone calls and visitations.

The Sheriff has been coming under fire for his actions under the 
federal 287g program that enables local law enforcement to enforce 
federal immigration laws.  Arpaio has used this program to deputize 
hundreds of volunteer posse members, including known white 
supremacists, and set up ski masked check-points and round ups in 
Latino and indigenous communities.  5,000 people marched in February 
to demand that former Arizona Governor and now Dept of Homeland 
Security Secretary Janet Napolitano end Arpaio's 287g program.

The<http://www.puenteaz.org> Puente movement in Phoenix is rallying 
around the prisoners and attempting to break the media silence around 
this incredible collective action.

There will be more information coming, but right now I just wanted to 
spread the word.






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