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Tue May 19 17:05:59 EDT 2009

Dear friends. if you haven't already heard from Kiilu, please read 
her message below.

i think if we all step up and send a check (if you can and in any 
amount) made out to Nedzada Handukic and mail it to:
c/o Kiilu Nyasha
848-I Pacific
San Francisco, CA  94133

we could really take the pressure off and make a difference!

greetings all:

I can't keep this thing on my lap (thighs) for long, so I'm gonna 
rant a bit to let you know how i/we, disabled w/added injury, are 
treated by our government.

First, the medical system has deteriorated grossly since my last 
6-week experience at the same facility (1998).  I couldn't believe my 
ears when a PT (physical therapist) stood at the foot of my bed a day 
after surgery and said, "I'm here to get you on your feet."

"You're kidding."

Well, apparently they were not exactly since I had to push for 
release from that medical prison so as not to be additionally injured!!

My saviour through all this -- as you know -- has been Nedzada 
Handukic who came to my aid every morning except one for weeks.  She 
made sure I got taken care of first thing, doing nearly all of the 
personal care between 7 something and 11 a.m. and through every 
weekend.  She also came to my rescue more than a few times -- on call 
-- because benign neglect can be deadly for me.

And they have the nerve to call Davies the best rehab facility in the 
City.  I shudder to think what's second, 3rd, 4th, etc.  Of course, 
the whole experience brought back horror memories of previous 
hospitalizations and so-called long-term care.  In fact, what I was 
led to believe was rehab at Davies was skilled nursing.  I never got 
to the Rehab floor.

But I digress.  I have to tell you that Nedzada and I were just 
informed by the IHSS (In-Home Support Services) that from the time I 
went into the hospital until my release (4/2 - 5/15), she will not be 
paid.  Since she had already missed one paycheck (bimonthly), I had 
provided her with most of my own funds (fattened a bit by the 
stimulus $250). So now I'm down to $80 in the bank.  And I'm 
bedridden.  So while the visiting PT who did an evaluation yesterday 
concedes that I need 24/7 care, there is no provision for such 
care.vis a vis some $$ for my assistant, Nedzada.

I'm so angry.  Not just for myself and my god-daughter, but for all 
the disabled, ill, and hospitalized in this city, this state, this 
country who have to turn to this rotten health system for recoverey 
and/or rehabilitation.

I've known for decades, nearly 30, just what I need to get 
stronger.  I simply cannot afford it.  Some of you have already heard 
me say that in 1975 I walked into the medical system and in 1980 
rolled out.  But I'm one of the fortunate ones.  Most don't make it 
back out but rather to a premature grave.

When are we gonna demand free health care for all -- period.  No, 
we'd rather spend 47 cents of every tax dollar on wars/killings.

In a sick society, people get sick.

peace & love,


P.S.  How could I forget to thank you all again and again for lifting 
my spirit and inspiring me to struggle to get well -- with your 
calls, cards, gifts, and visits, and yes, emails.  Thanks much.  Now 
that I'm home, I feel I'm on the road to recovery...

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