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Disbar The Torture Lawyers Now

A <http://velvetrevolution.us>VelvetRevolution.us Campaign

Torture is illegal under both United States and international law. 
The Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment under the 
Eighth Amendment, and it states that treaties signed by the U.S. are 
the "supreme Law of the Land" under Article Six. The Geneva 
Convention and The Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, 
Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment both prohibit torture 
and have been signed by the United States. These laws provide no 
exception for torture under any circumstances. Moreover, the United 
States Criminal Code prohibits both torture and war crimes, the 
latter which includes torture. The Army Field Manual prohibits the 
use of degrading treatment of detainees.

Despite this well-established law, under the Bush administration, 
torture was authorized by George Bush and kept secret using 
classified designations. The White House requested legal memoranda to 
support its use of torture and it received those authored by a host 
of attorneys, including John Yoo, Jay Bybee, and Stephen Bradbury. 
Attorneys who advised, counseled, consulted and supported those 
memoranda included Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft, Michael Chertoff, 
Alice Fisher, William Haynes II, Douglas Feith, Michael Mukasey, 
Timothy Flanigan, and David Addington.

Several of these memoranda have recently been released, and clearly 
demonstrate that these attorneys conspired to violate laws against 
torture and that their actions resulted in torture and death. 
Accordingly, these attorneys must be held accountable. We have asked 
the respective state bars to revoke the licenses of the foregoing 
attorneys for moral turpitude. They failed to show "respect for and 
obedience to the law, and respect for the rights of others," and 
intentionally or recklessly failed to act competently, all in 
violation of legal Rules of Professional Conduct. Several attorneys 
failed to adequately supervise the work of subordinate attorneys and 
forwarded shoddy legal memoranda regarding the definition of torture 
to the White House and Department of Defense. These lawyers further 
acted incompetently by advising superiors to approve interrogation 
techniques that were in violation of U.S. and international law. They 
failed to support or uphold the U.S. Constitution, and the laws of 
the United States, and to maintain the respect due to the courts of 
justice and judicial officers, all in violation state bar rules.

On Monday, May 18, 2009, a broad coalition of organizations dedicated 
to accountable government, and representing over one million members, 
filed disciplinary complaints with state bar licensing boards against 
the above named twelve attorneys for advocating he torture of 
detainees during the Bush Administration.  These detailed complaints, 
with over 500 pages of supporting exhibits, have been filed with the 
state bars in the District of Columbia, New York, California, Texas 
and Pennsylvania, and they seek disciplinary action and disbarment. 
Copies of the complaints and exhibits are available below.

The individually tailored complaints allege that the named attorneys 
violated the rules of professional responsibility by advocating 
torture.  The memos written and supported by these attorneys 
advocating torture have now been repudiated by the Department of 
Justice, the White House, the Department of Defense and other experts 
in the field.  The recently released Senate and Red Cross reports on 
detainee treatment provide uncontroverted evidence that the torture 
techniques advocated by the attorneys were used on human beings over 
an extended period of time. We have also sent a letter to House 
Judiciary Chairman John Conyers, asking that he initiate impeachment 
proceeding against Jay Bybee, who is now a sitting federal judge. The 
evidence is clear that, during his confirmation hearings, Mr. Bybee 
misused the classified status of his torture memos to portray a false 
picture of his legal history. Several Senators have stated publicly 
that Mr. Bybee would not have been confirmed if they had been aware 
of his torture memos. The bar complaints have been signed by our 
board attorney, Kevin Zeese, who also directs the 
<http://www.freshaircleanpolitics.net>Campaign for Fresh Air and 
Clean Politics, and <http://www.votersforpeace.us>Voters for Peace.

We ask other organizations to sign on to this campaign by sending an 
email to 
<mailto:DisbarTortureLawyers at velvetrevolution.us>DisbarTortureLawyers at velvetrevolution.us. 
Individuals can sign on using the form below. This campaign will 
include a broad public relations push so we urge everyone to spread 
the word and for the press to contact us for comment and interviews.

You can make targeted donations to this campaign at with an earmark 
comment in the box at 

Torture Photos And Video For Media

Click <http://velvetrevolution.us/torture_lawyers/images.php>here and 
<http://s660.photobucket.com/albums/uu321/VR_torture/>here for dozens 
of torture photos and several anti-torture ads that we are making 
available to organizations and the media. Please give attribution to 
VelvetRevolution.us. High resolution versions and hours of torture 
and waterboarding footage are also available upon request.

<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2yOzV0BPMs>This YouTube music video 
with waterboarding and torture footage is available for rebroadcast 
with attribution.

Our State Bar Complaints

Jay Bybee-District of Columbia Bar 
Word (.doc) 
Acrobat (.pdf)
Douglas Feith-District of Columbia Bar 
Word (.doc) 
Acrobat (.pdf)
David Addington-District of Columbia Bar 
Word (.doc) 
Acrobat (.pdf)
Stephen Bradbury-District of Columbia 
Word (.doc) 
Acrobat (.pdf)
Michael Chertoff-District of Columbia 
Word (.doc) 
Acrobat (.pdf)
John Ashcroft-District of Columbia 
Word (.doc) 
Acrobat (.pdf)
Timothy Flanigan-District of Columbia 
Word (.doc) 
Acrobat (.pdf)
Alice Fisher-District of Columbia Bar 
Word (.doc) 
Acrobat (.pdf)
Michael Haynes-California Bar 
Word (.doc) 
Acrobat (.pdf)
John Yoo- Pennsylvania Bar 
Word (.doc) 
Acrobat (.pdf)
Alberto Gonzales-Texas Bar 
Word (.doc) 
Acrobat (.pdf)
Michael Mukasey-New York Bar 
Word (.doc) 
Acrobat (.pdf)

Exhibits Attached To Each Complaint

List Of Known Torture Documents
Field Manual On Detainee Treatment
20 Page Memo 5-10-05
46 Page Memo 5-10-05
Memo 5-30-05
to Gonzales Memo 8-01-02
to Rizzo Memo 8-01-02
Convention Article 3
Memo  11-27-02
Cross Detainee Treatment Report
Detainee Treatment Report
Convention on Torture
Criminal Code
Memo 8-01-02
Memo 3-14-03


Republicans for Impeachment
Progressive Democrats of America
Impeach Bybee
Prosecute Bush/Cheney
After Downing Street
Buzz FlashOp Ed News
Coalition Repair Project
Progressive Magazine
Global Network
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Media With Conscience
Bend-C Friendship Project
Citizens for Legitimate Government
Center for Study of Democratic Societies
The World Can't Wait
American Freedom Campaign
Liberty Tree
BFUU Social Justice Campaign
Peace for Justice Forums
WESPAC Foundation
PDA Marin County
Central Jersey Impeach Group
Chesapeake Citizens
Topple Bush
Stop Recruiters WWU
Whatcom Peacebuilders Club
Iraq Veterans for Justice
Longmont Citizens for Justice and Democracy
Bill of Rights Defense Committee
The Democratic Activists
The Solution Zone
Patrick Henry Democratic Club
Epluribus Media
Consumers for Peace
No Nukes North
Veterans for Peace
Florida Peace Action Network
Reclaim the GOP
Boston Anti-War League
Voters for Peace
Campaign for Fresh Air and Clean Politics

The Released Torture Memos


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"There is a very exclusive club, whose membership is very few, the 
tormentors of the human race, history will not forget you."

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