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Sekou Cinque T.M. Kambui
#113058 C1-32A
P.O. Box 56 SCF
Elmore, AL 36025-0056

April 9, 2009

“...Thus in 1852 AlabakKkma enacted an even 
stricter $lave Code, repeating the Death Promise 
for $lave arson, threatening that every $lave 
that robs, willfully maims, or Attempts to 
Poison, or to deprive any White person of life, 
MUST, on conviction, SUFFER DEATH!!!”

“Resolved, that if the Dred Scott dictum be the 
true exposition of the law of the land, then the 
founders of the Amerikkkan Republik are convicted 
by their descendants of base hypocrisy, and 
Afrikan/New Afrikan {M}en are absolved from all 
allegiance to a government which withdraws all 
protection ... I say, Afrikan/New Afrikan Men are 
absolved from all allegiance to a government 
which condones their inhumanity to the New 
Afrikan people, and subjects them to all manner 
of $lavery and Genocide: whether mental, 
physical, and/or spiritual 
$LAVERY!!!’                —Ohio Convention of Colored Men, 1857

Greetings My Beloved Friends & Comrades in Struggle!

In accord with your request of me, I am sitting 
down to take this opportunity for providing you 
and our Sistahs and Brothas with a broader 
understanding of the circumstances by which I am 
currently held in kaptivity by the $lave-holding 
/ $lave manufacturing $tate of AlabakKkma. As for 
those of you who may or may not be aware of it, I 
am referring to the over-standing plight of the 
renowned Political Prisoner and Prisoner of War, 
Sekou Cinque T.M. Kambui, whose illegal kaptivity 
has now extended over forty (40) years within an 
AlabakKkma prison $tave Kolony. Largely in 
retaliation for and because I have continued to 
assert myself as an active jailhouse lawyer and 
prisoners’ human rights activist, I am still 
maintained in kaptivity at this writing, and my 
diligent efforts to over-stand my current and 
long-standing incarceration are ongoing. As such 
things go, the question—one never resolved to 
justify my initial imprisonment—of whether I was 
guilty or innocent is no longer relevant at this 
point in my incarceration, since I have now been 
imprisoned over forty (40) years. The majority of 
such years have been and continue to be not only 
in contradistinction to the laws governing guilt 
or innocence, but also AlabakKkma’s mandatory 
paroling statutes—notwithstanding any 
interpretation given by the paroling authorities, 
or the kourts working in conspiracy with them to 
perpetuate genocide to the contrary—which 
indicate that I should have been released from my 
illegal kaptivity over thirty (30) years ago, but 
as you can observe through this writing, I have not been so released.

At my last parole hearing, none of my supporters 
were able to make it, nor any of my family 
members, and friends, or anyone associated with 
me, who might have held a desire to show their 
support and speak out in my behalf at open-board 
parole hearing that was recently held on February 
24, 2009. This failing on their part was mainly 
because of the short thirty (30) days notice 
given in advance of the hearing. Secondly, my 
supporters and friends mostly live out of state, 
and needed to go through the necessary steps to 
adjust their life schedules to arrange to come to 
AlabakKkma to appear at the hearing in my behalf, 
to determine whether hiring another attorney to 
represent my interest before the parole board was 
feasible, or otherwise bring people to the 
hearing to demonstrate their concern and interest 
in seeing me released from my long-standing and 
illegally maintained imprisonment within the $tate of AlabakKkma.

The AlabakKkma Paroling authorities allow 
Victims’ Rights groups in large numbers to appear 
in protest of {m}y release or others similarly 
situated, on parole, but deliberately enforce 
limits to how many supporters, family members, or 
friends who are interested in my/our release can 
participate in my/our parole hearing, 
incomparable to the amount of members from the 
local protest groups permitted at the parole 
hearing to speak out against my/our release. This 
is so even when the Victims’ Rights group does 
not contain any of the so-called victims from the 
crimes charged to me, nor enjoy a 
constitutionally created or protected right to do 
so. This makes the decision so influenced by such 
organizations illegal, immoral, and in violation 
of state and federal law. Thus, such actions and 
in-actions on the part of the $tate of AlabakKkma 
continue to raise the question: “Will an Afrikan 
/ New Afrikan man/woman, or poor person of 
whatever nationality, ethnicity ever receive 
justice within the Euro-Centrically controlled 
AlabakKkma Criminal Justice $lave $ystem?
Of course, as things are interpreted under 
AlabakKkma law, as in keeping with the 
traditional holding of the U.S. Supreme Kourt 
Justice Tanner in the Dred Scott Decision of 1857 
“the so-called black man [still] has no rights in 
the $tate of AlabakKkma that the white controlled 
criminal justice system is bound to respect.” I 
wonder why this is so. Has it anything to do with 
the 3/5’s of a man concept? The Dred Scott 
decision or the AtabakKkma Constitution of 1901 
wherein it was said that this Constitution, which 
discards any law favoring equal rights for the 
descendant of the Afrikan $lave vis-a-vis a white 
person, and/or the fact that said constitution 
was said to be designed to establish White 
Supremacy by Law? It goes without wonder as to 
the basis of why so many of the Afrikan/New 
Afrikan men, women or children are treated so 
blatantly in disregard of their human and 
constitutional rights in AlabakKkma, or their 
humanity so brutally disrespected.

What should an Afrikan / New Afrikan man do when 
he recognizes that he is being so deliberately 
disrespected as a human being: that he or she is 
not being afforded protection from such a 
travesty at law? It is my thought that I should 
not allow this travesty at law to be allowed to 
continue with impunity; that I should not only 
speak out against being so abused and 
disrespected under the laws or by and through the 
agents of AlabakKkma, but that I should act out 
in whatever way is possible or necessary to bring 
attention to this situation. Therein lies the 
motivation for this letter of appeal to all my 
Brothas and Sistahs in the Afrikan Peoples’ I New 
Afrikan protracted liberation movement. I am 
unable to achieve even piecemeal success without 
the understanding and loving support of my family 
and friends, my Brothas and Sistahs in struggle 
throughout the world, throughout the kountry. It 
is my plan to endeavor as best I can to rally the 
people behind my plight, and give them motivation 
for coming together to work with me, whether to 
raise funding to hire an attorney to assist me in 
litigation against the state of AlabakKkma, or 
stand with me in protest for its blatant 
disregard for my human rights, and deprivation of 
rights, privileges, and immunities secured to me 
under the Constitutions of AlabakKkma and the 
United $tates, including its mandatory paroling 
and pardoning statutes. Issuing protest, and 
calling for my release from my illegal detention 
and continued deprivation of human rights.

AlabakKkma’s Prison $lave Kolonies all across the 
$tate of AlabakKkma are overwhelmingly 
overcrowded, and the dehumanization of the 
Incarcerated Persons held throughout (the adoc) 
continues. When will it end? When will the 
cruelties running rampant within the AlabakKkma 
Prison $lave $ystem be brought to an end; the 
suffering and callous indifference to the 
dehumanizing effect incarceration has on the 
incarcerated person and their families, the 
economic exploitation accomplished by ever 
growing exceedingly high prices to be paid for 
personal items needed from the Intraprison 
canteen and snack-line, the telephones, and the 
visitation yard vending machines controlled by 
the ever present privatization apparatus that 
controls such things throughout the adoc? When 
will such exploitation be brought to an end? What 
of inhumane treatment such as occurs when 
incompetent and professionally dysfunctional 
medical staff make life impacting decisions 
arbitrarily resulting in the death of 
incarcerated persons, and such deaths are still 
allowed to happen with impunity; or where parole 
authorities continue to pad their books with 
illegally withheld parole releases so as to 
justify demanding more money from the tax-paying 
citizens through its legislature, to finance 
their illegal, immoral, and racially 
discriminatory, genocidal enforcement of its 
mandatory statutory paroling and pardoning 
criteria, when in fact the mandatory parole and 
pardoning statues would automatically relieve 
overcrowding conditions in a check and balance 
manner as they were designed to do. Does anyone care?

The previous President, of the Bush Family Cabal, 
manipulated $tate governments all over the 
kountry, but especially in AlabakKkma where a 
republican government was under the control of 
his brother-in-law (the Gov. Bob Riley), 
literally manipulating or otherwise coercing them 
into denying release to and warehousing a large 
number of its poor and Afrikan American males 
within their AlabakKkma prison $lave Kolonies, so 
as to not only further denigrate them as human 
beings, but insure poverty remains entrenched 
within their communities, and their families 
politically, economically, demographically 
displaced, and alienated or otherwise destroyed. 
Is this Presidential action/inaction something 
one could define as hypocritical; or contrary to 
the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights?

In the midst of such a climate, I have continued 
to fight to educate to liberate incarcerated 
people. I have continued to propagate the truth 
and reveal the lies surrounding the unjust 
imprisonment of AlabakKkma’s poor, especially its 
Afrikan American populace. I have continued to 
provide much needed jailhouse lawyer assistance 
to those unfortunate ones who have been and 
continue to be railroaded to AlabakKkma prisons 
and jails. As a consequence of the commitment to 
the prisoners’ human rights’ struggle I have 
maintained, I continue to be illegally detained 
within the AlabakKkma prison $lave $ystem. I 
continue to be the victim of retaliatory 
decisions based on my jailhouse lawyer 
activities, and my political, human rights 
activism, rather than my intraprison conduct such 
as would be a real and legally binding basis upon 
which to continuously withhold my release on parole.

It is for this reason that this appeal is being 
sent out to all of you! Although I rarely admit 
it, I must acknowledge to not only myself but to 
my supporters that I need the support and 
financial assistance of those of you who not only 
understand my predicament, but can provide some 
form of support and assistance to me in my 
efforts to raise funds for acquiring an attorney 
to assist me in my fight against the AlabakKkma 
paroling and pardoning authorities, but also for 
the class action formed litigation I have drawn 
against the AlabakKkma parole and pardoning 
authorities for their failure to conform parole 
decisions to its mandatory paroling and pardoning 
statutes. I need the support and assistance of 
those of you who realize my potential for being a 
productive member of society, and a worthy 
candidate for a favorable decision granting my 
release to my family, friends, and the community 
I am to return to. I need your letters and 
community petitions to the Governor of 
AlabakKkma, the AlabakKkma paroling and pardoning 
authorities, letting them know that you are 
concerned about their continued failure to 
release me in accord with their mandatory 
paroling and pardoning statutes, and insist that 
justice for me would bring my long illegally 
delayed release to its end at last. Your letters 
to me, your questions, suggestions, or interest 
in making yourself more familiar with who I am 
and what I am about is welcome. You may write me at the following address:

Sekou Cinque T.M. Kambui
#113058 C1-32A
P.O. Box56 SCF
Elmore, Al 36025-0056

Your letters to the AlabakKkma paroling and 
pardoning authorities and the Governor of 
AlabakKkma should be sent to the following addresses respectively:
State of Alabama
Board of Pardons and Paroles
P.O. Box 302405
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-2405

Governor Bob Riley
Governor’s Office
State of Alabama
Montgomery, Alabama 36130

Thank you for your patience and understanding!
Wa Alaikum Salaam, Comrades. I am, I remain,
In protracted Liberation Struggle,

Sekou Kambui

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