[Ppnews] Request from Robert Seth Hayes - help with parole appeal

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Sat Mar 28 20:00:56 EDT 2009

Hi Folks a request from Seth for help in raising $$$ for legal 
assistance with a parole appeal.
If you would like to help and get a tax write off please send a check to
IFCO/NYCJERICHO and on the message line put for Seth or Robert Seth 
Hays and we will collect the funds and send them to Cheryl Kates his 
parole attorney. If you need more information call me at 718-853-0893 
or 646-271-4677
Thanks for your help  Paulette NYC JERICHO

P.O.Box 1272
NY, NY 10013

You  can also drop Seth a note at the following address
  Robert Seth Hayes #74-A-2280
Wende CF, Wende Rd., PO Box 1187, Alden, NY 14004-1187
Or check out his <http://websitewww.sethhayes.org>websitewww.sethhayes.org

March 24, 2009

Open Letter To:

Anarchist Black Cross Federation, NYC
Resistance N Brooklyn
New York Task Force
Jericho NYC
Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

 From Robert Seth Hayes

Re: Request for Economic Assistance in Lieu of Parole Litigation


        I have retained the services of Attorney Cheryl Kates to 
address my parole appeal. I believe her skills are both fundamentally 
sound and needed, and having this opportunity before me is nothing 
short of a blessing. We spoke and though it's not etched in stone, 
the cost appears to hover around $2,500.00 outside of unforeseen 
expenses. I am therefore requesting assistance from you to establish 
this funding so that the operation of appeal can begin. Anything you 
can offer, in whatever amount will be greatly appreciated.

        So that there is no doubt of my sincerity to leave any stones 
unturned, be advised that I am also pursuing Buffalo Community 
Activist as well as Canada to help secure the completion of this 
economic contract. Please feel free to pledge your commitment to me 
in whatever form, as soon as possible so that I can assess how far a 
field I may have to travel henceforth.

        Thank you for your consideration of my request and thank you 
for whatever commitment/pledge you render.

Robert Seth Hayes

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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