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Sat Mar 7 11:21:26 EST 2009

Imam Jamil Al-Amin, (formerly known as H. Rap Brown) was placed in
the prison hole under 24 lockdown for allegedly violating phone
priviledges for inmates. It is alleged that the Imam made a phone call
or phone calls that allegedly exceeded the number of calls allowed
inmates per month.
     The real problem with this allegation is that Imam al-Amin has
absolutely no control over the access to or use of the prison inmate
phone. The phone is in the possession of the prison guards at all times,
whom can only provide it to the inmates AFTER APPROVAL from prison
administartion to afford an inmate to make a call. If the Imam was in
excess of the number of monthly calls allowed, he could have very easily
been informed of that fact and the phone would not have been provided to
him, if in fact it was. Just how is he responsible for this allegation,
or the derelict, irresponsible actions of the prison guards, prison
record keeping and prison administration? If the allegation is true, was
he unknowingly set up? The prison guards have said they do not ever
recall anyone being put in the hole, -the most sever and inhumane
treatment in the most severly inhumane prison in the world
(underground)-, for an alleged phone priviledge violation! Nothing could
justify this inhumane treatment!
     There was seemingly another development that may truly be the motive
for this action taken by the prison Warden. It was not until recently
that the Imam was allowed in the company of other prisoners and after
several interactions with various prisoners, several requested Qurans,
including several White Arayans. This fact resurrected the case in
Riedsville, Georgia prison that prompted the Imam's transfer to this
totally underground Supermax prison known as "Alcatraz of the Rockies,"
wherein the Imam was instrumental in the conversion to Islam by one of
the prisons White Arayan leaders. That apparently is unacceptable
behavior in the prison system. The real travesty is the denial of his
human, civil, and due process rights, and the inherient freedom to
practice his religion, al-Islam.
     The Imam has recently gained several invaluable legal victories in
the courts regarding his violated rights and priviledges to mail and
visits dating back to Riedsville. One of the conditions sought in
negotiation as part of settlement of the recent victories, was his
transfer back to the Georgia State Prison System or another prison
closer to his family in Georgia. The federal government has stated that
they would return the Imam back to Georgia State prison if they
requested him back, but that has been rebuffed by the Georgia Sate
prison system. To do so would be admitting they were wrong in
transfering him to the federal system in the first place and the truth
is his transfer was illegal, immoral and done out of retaliation.
     The family ask that you please take some time to contact the warden,
and to get the word out to all of your contacts. Everyone needs to
write, call, fax or email the Warden Ron Wiley to inquire as to why
Jamil Al-Amin has been placed in the hole, how long is he expected to be
held there, what are his conditions there, and what is expected of him
to be returned to his cell under normal conditions?
     In the past when action has been taken by the public on Jamil
Al-Amin's behalf, positive changes have been made that benefited him.
Please keep your correspondence brief, direct, and avoid any comments
that might be taken out of context or that might be interpreted as a
threat, or demand.
     The media is being specifically requested to write the warden to
request an interview with the Imam and send a copy of the request to the
Imam and his personal spokesperson Imam Khalil Abdur-Rahman at the
addresses below.
     Directly below is a written plea from the Imam's son Kairi hoping
that you will find it in your heart to write the warden and to implore
your circle of friends, associates and email groups to do so as well.


     My father, Imam Jamil Al-Amin, aka H. Rap Brown, was under 23 hour
lockdown in the super max prison in Colorado until recently when he was
placed in the hole. He was stripped searched, his Quran and all other
personal belongings were seized and he has been placed in a cell with no
bed, no control over the lights and no shower.
     We are appealing to you to please write, fax, or call the WARDEN of
the prison Ron Wiley inquiring about my fathers current situation and
why he has been placed even further underground.
     Please help out and spread the word, it would be greatly
appreciated. Contact info for the warden is below thank you.

Kairi Al-Amin

Warden Ron Wiley
USP Florence ADMAX
U.S. Penitentiary
5880 State Hgwy 67 South
PO Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226-8550
Phone: (719) 784-9464
Fax: (718) 784-5291

Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin, Inmate Number 99974-555
USP Florence ADMAX
U.S. Penitentiary
5880 State Hgwy 67 South
PO Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226-8550

Imam Khalil Abdur-Rahman
3600 Farmington Drive, #9
Greensboro NC 27407
imamkhalil at yahoo.com


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