[Ppnews] Prosecutors defy judge's order in Al-Arian case

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Prosecutors defy judge's order in Al-Arian case

(Published March 05, 2009)

ALEXANDRIA, Va. ­ Federal prosecutors have defied 
a judge's order to turn over evidence of their 
internal deliberations in striking a plea bargain 
with a former professor once accused of being a top Palestinian terrorist.

The move raises the possibility that U.S. 
District Judge Leonie Brinkema will toss out a 
criminal contempt case against Sami Al-Arian. The 
former Florida computer science professor has 
already served nearly five years after admitting 
he conspired to assist the radical Palestinian group Islamic Jihad.

Brinkema has questioned whether the government's 
plea deal with Al-Arian amounted to a 
"bait-and-switch" in which Al-Arian was misled 
into thinking that his Florida plea bargain would 
end his legal problems and result in his swift 
deportation after serving his sentence.

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