[Ppnews] Palestinians taken from Gaza being held as "illegal combatants"

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Palestinians taken from Gaza being held as "illegal combatants"

23.01.09 - 20:38

Gaza / PNN – Head of Prisoners Affairs in the 
Palestinian Authority, Abdel Nasser Ferwana, 
reported Friday night that detainees from Gaza 
are being held in horrific conditions at Al Naqab.

Forty-one Palestinians are being held in the 
Israeli desert prison in isolation. They are not 
allowed contact with anyone and are being held by 
the Israeli military as “illegal combatants.”

There are approximately 11,000 Palestinian 
political prisoners in Israeli prisons, but they 
are not held under this Israeli law.

Ferwana asked that the Israeli prisons department 
allow detainee representatives to visit them and 
provide for some of their basic needs, but the 
administration of Al Naqab rejected the request. 
The Palestinian Authority official said he was 
informed that “these Gazans are under the direct 
control of the army under the law if illegal combatants.”

The 41 Palestinians are not allowed any contact 
or communication, nor are they able to receive winter clothes or blankets.

Ferwana said that 16 people were brought in at 
first and another 25 early today.

Information received, says the PA director of the 
prisoner issue, indicates that they are living in 
a “tragic situation, particularly in light of the 
bitter cold in the Naqab Desert.”

Ferwana expressed grave concern over the fate of 
dozens of other Palestinians arrested during the 
major Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip and 
demands to know their fate. They were taken out 
of the Strip in contravention to international 
law and the occupying Israeli authority refuses 
to comply or cooperate with the Red Cross and the 
Palestinian National Authority in this regard.

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