[Ppnews] Imprisoned women appeal for news of families in Gaza

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Imprisoned women appeal for news of families in Gaza

15.01.09 - 11:00

Jenin / Ali Samoudi – Palestinian political 
prisoners from the Gaza Strip are suffering a 
severe dearth of information about their families.

The Israeli prison administration has all but 
banned news, reports the Palestinian Prisoners 
Society. “The suffering is exacerbated when 
contacts with relatives are disallowed.”

Earlier this week a PPS lawyer discovered that 
dozens of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip have 
gone to the Israeli prison administration during 
the past 20 days to ask for the slightest contact 
with family members, but every request has been denied.

Family visits and contacts for political 
prisoners from Gaza have been difficult for at 
least four years during which time the transfer 
of funds to prison store accounts, the Cantina, have been banned.

Fatma Azzak is a woman who is sentenced to 14 
years in Israeli prison. She suffers as thousands 
do: her medical condition is being untreated. 
Azzak is awaiting an operation scheduled for two months in Kfar Saba Hospital.

The situation inside as the horrors of Gaza 
unfold is worse, she told her lawyer this week. 
“I ask that the Palestinian people unite and 
stand to thwart the aggression on Gaza.” Azzak 
continued, “Our hearts are heavy and sad for 
children, women and the elderly who want peace 
and are instead faced with aggression at home. I 
am saddened by the static of conscience.”

Azzak is from the Gaza Strip and does not know if 
she will ever see her family again. She says 
action is necessary, not words. “We do not expect 
food and drink. We want the world’s one billion 
Muslims to stand beside us, not kneel. We will 
not be broken inside the closed borders.”

Vera Habib is also from the Gaza Strip. She told 
her Prisoners Society lawyer that her appeal is 
to anyone who will listen. “We want to appeal to 
the conscience of humanity. Please allow us to 
speak to our children, to communicate with our 
families, to learn of their fate. The denial of 
this right is part of the war waged by the occupation against out people.”

There are approximately 11,000 Palestinians 
currently in Israeli prisons, including women and children.

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