[Ppnews] Important Update on Jamil Al-Amin

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Sat Feb 28 01:23:56 EST 2009


*The "Nu Day Resurrection and Liberation"* network just received a call from
the International *Committee in Support of Imam
Jamil Al-Amin (ICSIJAA)

*We have been advised that Imam Jamil *is in fact* in the hole and that
though this has happened before this* is* a new situation and needs our
Peoples actions immediately.

Somehow inaccurate information is being circulated that is saying that
the recent postings regarding our Bother being in the hole was old
information and not presently in effect. The (ICSIAA) Committee has informed
the* NU Day* team that they have made attempts to track down where the
mis-information is coming from but to no avail, and made it perfectly clear
that continued calls to the prison and other actions are necessary in order
to  assist Imam Jamil back into general population.

*Bro. Masai Ehhosi*, the designated spokesperson for (ICSIJAA) will provide
a full report, update, and how you can help on the *"NU Day Resurrection and
Liberation"* progressive talk radio program this *Sat. Feb, 28, 2009*  10:30
PM - 12 midnight EST.   Tune in by going to
www.blogtalktradio.com/empresschi or via pod cast at: 1-646-652-2232

Important ACTION steps and support Information will be provided, so please
tune in and pass the word...


NU Day Team

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