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Free the NJ4 -- March 2 Protest at noon -- 1 Hogan Place Manhattan
(corner Leonard and Centre Streets)

Demand that the Manhattan district attorney stop persecuting the New
Jersey 4.

On August 16, 2006, seven young African American lesbians were in New
York's West Village and were accosted by Dwayne Buckle, who eventually
grabbed one of them, and a fight ensued. The seven women were arrested
and charged with crimes such as "gang assault." Three of them took plea

The other four lesbians Terrain Dandridge, Renata Hill, Patreese
Johnson, and Venice Brown were put on trial in 2007. In the trial and
the surrounding media they were dehumanized, vilified, and called a
"lesbian wolf-pack." The prosecution and trial were so biased that the
appeals court completely overturned all of Terrain's convictions, and
dismissed the indictment with prejudice, although by that time she had
served almost two years in jail/prison. The appeals court also
overturned the more serious charges against Renata and Venice, and they
both got out on bail after serving more than two years. Patreese's
sentence was reduced, but not overturned. The district attorney is
demanding that Renata be returned to prison, or face another trial.

It is time to demand that the NY county district attorney, Robert
Morgenthau, stop persecuting Renata, Patreese and Venice. They fought
back to defend each other. Had they not fought back successfully, one or
more of them might have been killed or raped. Are rape, death, or prison
the only three options open to lesbians who are attacked on the street?

Protest Monday March 2
noon - 1 p.m.
1 Hogan Place
Manhattan, NY

For more info e-mail: freenj4 at yahoo.com <mailto:freenj4%40yahoo.com>

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