[Ppnews] Out of 11, 000 Palestinian political prisoners - four that the Israelis refuse to release

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Marwan Al Barghouti may be released, but Ahmed Sa'adat blacklisted

09.02.09 - 11:34

Bethlehem / PNN - Out of 11,000 Palestinian political prisoners are 
four that the Israelis refuse to release.

As part of the Gaza negotiations, Egyptian mediators discussed the 
names Ahmed Sa'adat, Abbas Said, Ibrahim Hamid, Abdullah Barghouti 
and Marwan Al Barghouti in the exchange.

Fateh leader Marwan Al Barghouti is reportedly among the strong 
possibilities to be released in an exchange for the captured Israeli 
soldier Gilad Shalit.

The names and eventual reality often changes, but as of now the 
Israelis say they will not release Sa'adat, Said, A. Barghouti and Hamid.

Ahmed Sa'adat is the Secretary General of the leftist Popular Front 
for the Liberation of Palestine. He was among those given up during 
the Israeli siege on President Arafat's Muqata in 2002. It was not 
until several years later that he was in direct Israeli custody.

Israeli forces stormed the Palestinian Authority jail in the eastern 
West Bank's Jericho and kidnapped the leftist leader who they 
imprisoned for his role in the killing of the Israeli Tourism 
Minister who openly advocated the "transfer solution."

The Israeli administration is also refusing to release Ibrahim Hamid 
who was arrested in an operation by the Israeli intelligence. 
Originally from East Jerusalem's Silwad, the 41 year old was among 
those hunted by Israeli forces in the West Bank. He was a Hamas 
commander on the "wanted" list for eight years accused of organizing 
numerous armed resistance activities.

Abbas Said was another Hamas leader. He was accused of organizing the 
Nataniya operation that killed 29 Israelis before moving on to other 
acts of armed resistance against the army in the West Bank.

Abdullah Barghouti is sentenced to 67 times life in Israeli prison. 
An Israeli court charged him in the death of 66 people and the injury of 500.

These are just four out of 11,000 Palestinians in Israeli prisons, 
none of whom know for certain what their fate is as political prisoners.

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