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Indie Rock Band Joins in Fight to Save Troy Davis

Published: February 4, 2009

Indie rock group State Radio has joined forces with Amnesty 
International USA (AIUSA) to produce a short, hard-hitting animated 
Web video about the plight of death row inmate Troy Davis. Davis has 
been on death row for 18 years and has received three stays of 
execution, twice coming within 24 hours of his death.

The genesis of the Web video came when lead singer Chad Stokes, an 
Amnesty International member, wrote a song about Davis called "State 
of Georgia."  The band donated the song to be used in the video. The 
video can be watched at 

"Troy Davis' case is one example of a major malfunction within the 
justice system in this country," said the band.  "We believe that 
every person deserves the right to a fair trial, and because of 
scenarios like this, we believe the death penalty should be abolished 

"The band has been following the case for quite some time and even 
organized their own rallies while touring through Georgia, so this 
partnership made perfect sense," added Karen Scott, director of 
AIUSA's Music for Human Rights program.

Davis was convicted in 1991 of killing Savannah police officer Mark 
Allen MacPhail.  Since the launch of its February 2007 report, Where 
Is the Justice for Me?, Amnesty International has campaigned 
intensively for a new evidentiary hearing or trial, as well as 
clemency for Davis, collecting hundreds of thousands of clemency 
petition signatures and letters from prominent individuals around the 
world.  Davis' case is now pending before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.
via: Sis. Sankofa Uhuru

The state of Georgia seems determined to kill Troy Davis. But your 
thousands of calls, faxes and emails have sent a powerful message 
that such an injustice is totally unacceptable. Georgia officials 
need to keep hearing your voice: Ask Governor Perdue to stop the 
execution of Troy Davis.

You've heard the facts already:

* 7 of the 9 witnesses have recanted their testimonies
* No murder weapon nor any physical evidence has been found to link 
Troy to the crime
* One of the remaining two witnesses has even been implicated as the 
real killer

Watch and share this new Troy Davis video:


A new animated video, featuring original music by State Radio, 
illustrates the injustice of Troy Davis' case. Video produced by Citizen.

Despite this mounting evidence in favor of Troy's freedom, he 
continues to wait on death row.

Watch and share the story of Troy Davis by forwarding this new video 
to friends, family and supporters of human rights.

We are anxiously awaiting the court's response to the latest round of 
arguments in Troy's case that could be handed down at any moment. So 
the fate of Troy Davis is still very much in limbo. We need you to 
continue rallying support by spreading this video of Troy's story any 
way that you can.

Each time you forward this video to a new person, you help build a 
stronger case for Troy and help tip the scale in favor of justice.

In Solidarity,

Sue Gunawardena-Vaughn
Director, Death Penalty Abolition Campaign
Amnesty International USA

You can also fax Governor Perdue at:
(404) 657-7332

Subject: Please Stop an Unjust Execution

I am writing to urge you to exercise leadership, as Governor of the 
state of Georgia, to see to it that the death sentence of Troy Davis 
is commuted, in order to ensure that Georgia does not put to death a 
man who may well be innocent. I believe you have the power to do so, 
and I believe you must use it in this case.

In this extraordinary case, where a man with a strong claim to 
innocence may well be executed without a court ever holding a hearing 
on his claims, I urge you to act in the interests of justice and 
support clemency for Troy Davis. An execution in this case, without a 
proper hearing on significant evidence of innocence, would severely 
compromise the integrity of Georgia's justice system.

As you may know, Mr. Davis was convicted of the 1989 murder of police 
officer Mark MacPhail, a conviction based solely on witness 
testimony, and seven of the nine non-police witnesses have recanted 
or contradicted their trial testimony. The courts, citing procedural 
rules and time limits, have so far refused to hold an evidentiary 
hearing to examine these witnesses. Executive clemency exists, and 
executive action is required, to preserve justice when the 
protections afforded by our appeals process fail to do so.

I strongly urge you to take such action now and ensure that the death 
sentence of Troy Davis is commuted. Thank you for your attention to 
this extremely serious matter.

Sincerely (Your Name)

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