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International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban

Building the Struggle in 2010 to Free the Cuban Five

Dear Supporters of the Cuban Five,

The year 2009 is coming to an end--it was a difficult one for the 
Cuban Five and their families. On June 15, the U.S. Supreme Court, 
without any explanation, ignored the international call of 10 Nobel 
Prize winners, parliaments, members of the religious community, 
intellectuals, human rights organizations and prestigious jurists who 
wrote 12 amicus briefs to ask them to review the case. The magnitude 
of this outpouring of support, for a case in front of the Supreme 
Court, was unprecedented. And never had such distain been shown for 
justice in front of such universal opinion.

The reduction of sentences for three of the Five brought some relief 
as two of the life sentences were eliminated. But the new sentences 
imposed on Antonio, Ramon and Fernando continue to be outrageous and 
unjust. These new sentences add up to a total of 69 years without 
counting the years of parole after they are released.

The sentences of Rene and Gerardo were not modified and today our 
five brothers are serving two life sentences plus 99 years collectively.

Despite 11 years of pressure by the U.S. government against the Five, 
it has not been able to break their morale or dignity. All the 
attempts to divide them and deny them have not worked. In contrast, 
the admiration for the Cuban Five continues to grow as more and more 
people from around the world learn about these brave men who were 
peacefully protecting their country from terrorist operations in the U.S.

During the October 13 re-sentencing hearing for Antonio in Miami, the 
U.S. government was obligated to admit that the world-wide 
denunciation and solidarity for the five is questioning the image and 
credibility of the U.S. justice system.

The work done by more than 300 committees in more than 100 countries 
has created a wave of solidarity. But the prolongation of the 
injustice and the double standard of the U.S. government means we 
need to build that wave into a tsunami of solidarity that will push 
the current administration to free Gerardo, Ramon, Antonio, Fernando 
and Rene. The solidarity movement for their freedom is the key 
ingredient in their inevitable freedom.


We are pleased to announce that before 2009 ends we are launching a 
new postcard campaign directed at President Obama and his winning of 
the Nobel Peace Prize. There are 10 Nobel Prize recipients who are 
demanding the release of the Five and he needs to be the 11th. This 
idea was brought up during the Fifth International Colloquium in 
Solidarity with the Cuban Five celebrated this past November in 
Holguin, Cuba. The painting on the postcard below was done by Antonio 
Guerrero in his prison cell.

The postcards are now available in English and Spanish. If you want 
to receive them to distribute in your community, write to us at: 
<mailto:info at thecuban5.org>info at thecuban5.org We can also send you 
the PDF so you can print them yourselves.

We want to again thank all the friends in the U.S. and from different 
countries around the world who have supported our work inside the 
United States during this year.

An Important Appeal to Continue Our Work

On this occasion we want to appeal to friends and committees who are 
able to support our efforts. The help of each one of you is critical 
for us to continue our work for the freedom of the Five inside the 
United States; we can not do it without you.

To send a donation, write your check (tax deductible in the U.S.) to: 
International Committee and send it to: Int'l Committee for the 
Freedom of the Cuban Five, P.O. Box 22455, Oakland, CA 94609.

For a credit card donation: 
and click in Donate and follow the instructions.

If you wish to make a donation from another country through a wire 
transaction write to <mailto:info at thecuban5.org>info at thecuban5.org 
and we will give you information on how to make such a donation.

In 2010 let us multiply our work with more energy than ever and 
greater unity of action to achieve the return of the Five to their 
homeland and their families.

Upcoming Projects for 2010

The International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five is 
already planning a number of new protects for the new year including:
    * A major concert to take place in Richmond, California with 
internationally renowned musicians;
    * Building a sustained publicity campaign about the case over a 3 
to 6 month period;
    * Convening a conference in Washington DC with personalities from 
the United States and from all over the world;
    * Continuing and increasing the campaign to gain Humanitarian 
Visas for Adriana and Olga;
    * Participating in important forums and conferences inside the 
United States including the Congreso Latino in Texas and the U.S. 
Social Forum in Detroit;
    * Organizing campaigns directed at President Obama and members of 
his administration;
    * Initiating a process to nominate the Cuban Five for the Nobel 
Peace Prize;
    * Making YouTube videos to be shown on the Internet; and
    * Creation of a Flickr site that can be used by all interested 
people around the world to display photos and small videos of the struggle.

  We wish you a Happy New Year with Peace and Justice for all

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