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Wed Dec 23 10:24:43 EST 2009

Dear Friends,

We wanted to give you a brief update. Jeff has now been free for the past week
and is enjoying time with friends and family and actively working to put his
life back together. A couple of days ago, he was able to hike in the forest for
the first time in almost 10 years. He begins college classes in less than 2

This morning Jeff and attorney Lauren Regan gave an exclusive 40-minute
interview to Democracy Now! If you would like to watch the show, you can view
the on-demand video at 
<http://www.democracynow.org/>http://www.democracynow.org/ or on 
Jeff's myspace or
facebook page.

Thank you all again for the tremendous support you have given Jeff, you gave
him the strength to make it through prison. We have also posted a couple of
photos taken of Jeff since his release - you can view them on Jeff's myspace or
facebook page.

Best wishes for a happy new year to everyone!
-Friends of Jeff Free Luers

P.S. There are still many eco-prisoners that need your support - please write
to them, spread the word, or host fundraisers for these prisoners.
Although not an exclusive list, please check out the following pages:
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Marie Mason <http://freemarie.org/>http://freemarie.org/
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