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I hope this letter will encourage many of you to 
write to Lynne (address below).

Letter from Lynne Stewart

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Friends and Supporters:

Well the moment we all hoped would never come is 
upon us. Good-bye to a good cup of coffee in the 
morning, a soft chair, the hugs of grandchildren 
and the smaller pleasures in life. I must say I 
am being treated well and that is due to my 
lawyer team and your overwhelming support.

While I have received “celebrity” treatment here 
in MCC—high visibility—conditions for the other 
women are deplorable. Medical care, food, 
education, recreation are all at minimal levels. 
If it weren’t for the unqualified bonds of 
sisterhood and the commissary it would be even more dismal.

My fellow prisoners have supplied me with books 
and crosswords, a warm (it is cold in here most 
of the time) sweat shirt and pants, treats from 
the commissary, and of course, jailhouse humor. 
Most important many of them know of my work and 
have a deep reservoir of can I say it? Respect.

I continue to both answer the questions put to me 
by them, I also can’t resist commenting on the 
T.V. news or what is happening on the floor—a 
little LS politics always! (Smile) to open hearts and minds!
Liz Fink, my lawyer leader, believes I will be 
here at MCC-NY for a while—perhaps a year before 
being moved to prison. Being is jail is like 
suddenly inhabiting a parallel universe but at 
least I have the luxury of time to read! Tomorrow 
I will get my commissary order which may include 
an AM/FM Radio and be restored to WBAI and music (classical and jazz).

We are campaigning to get the bladder operation 
(scheduled before I came in to MCC) to happen 
here in New York City. Please be alert to the 
website I case I need some outside support.

I want to say that the show of support outside 
the Courthouse on Thursday as I was “transported” 
is so cherished by me. The broad organizational 
representation was breathtaking and the love and 
politics expressed (the anger too) will keep me nourished through this.

Organize—Agitate, Agitate, Agitate! And write to 
me and others locked down by the Evil Empire.
Love Struggle, Lynne Stewart

—lynnestewart.org, December 4, 2009

To write to Lynne Stewart:
Lynne Stewart
150 Park Row

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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