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December 3, 2009
Report and Update - Lynne Stewart

  On Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 a status conference was held 
before Judge Koeltl to discuss the procedures concerning Lynne's 

  The conference was held in a larger courtroom to accommodate all 
the people who came to support Lynne.  Lynne was represented by 
Elizabeth Fink, Joshua Dratel and Jill Shellow.  Although the 
"Mandate" (formal Order) hasn't issued yet from the 2nd Circuit, the 
question raised by the Judge was whether the resentencing should be 
de novo (which means that the Judge would throw out all the reasoning 
that went in to his previous sentence and start from scratch) 
or  simply a clarification and update of the sentencing he already 
gave Lynne of 28 months.

   The Judge outlined a schedule; the update of the Presentence 
Report by the U.S. Probation Dept. is due on February 5, 2010, any 
objections to that report are to be submitted by February 19, 2009 
and the defense and government submission addressing the resentencing 
of Lynne by March 12th.  Replies by March 29th.  The formal 
sentencing is now set for April 22 at 4:30 p.m.

  This is a time for the Lynne Stewart Defense committee to be 
alarmed and very concerned for Lynne.  Lynne is a 70 year old woman 
and any additional significant time could mean that she could die in 
prison.  No harm was caused to anyone by her actions.  Lynne's life 
work as cited by the Judge in his previous sentencing stand as a 
testimony to her good intentions.  Notwithstanding the verdict, Lynne 
Stewart had absolutely no terroristic intentions or political harmony 
with her client Sheik Rahman.

  The judge said that if there are any letters regarding this new 
sentencing they will only be considered if they submitted by 
counsel.  We know that people are anxious to do something for Lynne 
and this is one thing you can do and you have the time to write a 
thoughtful letter that we believe the Judge will read and take into 
consideration.  For now you can send your letters to the Lynne 
Stewart Defense Committee, 350 Broadway, Suite 700, New York, NY 
10013.  Address the letter to: Honorable John G. Koeltl, United 
States District Judge, Southern District of New York, 500 Pearl 
Street, New York, NY 10007 - BUT MAIL TO LSDC not directly to the 
Judge.  We will accumulate the letters for the attorneys who will 
then submit them to the Judge.

  The issue of Lynne's health has been on all our minds.  This is the 
situation to date: She has been receiving her medication.  Her blood 
pressure has been extremely high.  Initially the medical department 
of MCC/NY had suggested cutting Lynne's prescription for high blood 
pressure medicine in half but since Lynne's blood pressures was so 
high it is being monitored very closely.  The main issue for Lynne 
right now is that surgery for a bladder problem had already scheduled 
before the 2nd Circuit decision and her consequent 
incarceration.  Now it appears that she will undergo surgery for this 
condition which is not life threatening but increasingly 
uncomfortable for Lynne in the near future at a metropolitan New York 

  In the near future we will be working with others to plan a public 
event, and working in cooperation with others to fight for Lynne 
Stewart's sentence to remain 28 months.  I will be sending out 
further notices of events and updates on Lynne's situation as news 
becomes available.  Meanwhile you can write to Lynne Stewart, Reg. # 
53504-054, MCC/NY, 150 Park Row, New York, NY 10007.  Do not send 
stamps, this mail will be treated as contraband and discarded by the 
prison.  Do not send anything that needs to be signed for.  Lynne has 
been given a subscription to the New York Times and the New 
Yorker.  If you would like to subscribe Lynne to a publication please 
drop us a line first (email 
<mailto:info at lynnestewart.org>info at lynnestewart.org) just to make 
sure that you are not duplicating someone else's 
contribution.  Photos are okay, cards postcards and letters.  All 
mail is opened and read.  Commissary can be sent to Lynne via Western 
Union using the registration number and address either via the 
internet or at a Western Union location.  Thank you for your support 
for Lynne it means the world to her.  Pat Levasseur, Lynne Stewart 
Defense Committee

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