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Fri Aug 7 12:43:10 EDT 2009

Prominent leftist targeted in Israeli prison after engaging in acts 
of nonviolent resistance

07.08.09 - 11:54

Jenin / Ali Samoudi - The administration of the Israeli Askelan 
Prison has Ahmed Sa'adat in solitary confinement.

The leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is in 
a unilateral isolation cell.

A statement issued by the occupying administration indicates that 
repressive measures against the prominent leftist are being stepped up.

Punitive measures against Sa'adat began last week in Israeli prison. 
He is denied the company of others and was fined 450 NIS. He is 
banned from using the prison store.

The isolation cells are 140 cm by 240 cm and lack the basic 
necessities for living, prisoners' rights groups say.

Sa'adat has said that the Israeli goal of imposing solitary 
confinement on Palestinian political prisoners is to break social 
relations and any feelings of stability.

The leftist, taken from a PA jail in Jericho, is facing ill health 
after years in prison. Sa'adat is being targeted not only for his 
political affiliations, but also because he engages in nonviolent 
resistance methods within the prisons, including a recent nine-day 
hunger strike.

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