[Ppnews] 8/8 Radio Blitz for the MOVE 9

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This Saturday is August 8th, the anniversary of the assault on MOVE 
and the arrest of the MOVE 9.  We are organizing an international 
radio blitz to publicize the campaign to parole the MOVE 9.  Read on:

ONA MOVE, Everybody! Thanks to the support of radio host nationally 
and internationally, we have arranged numerous radio programs for The 
MOVE 9 to call into around August 8th. Some programs internationally 
(Spain, New Zealand, etc) they are not able to call into but the host 
will broadcast info about The MOVE 9 anyway. Below is a list of 
programs that The MOVE 9 will be calling into. I have included the 
web sites for these programs that you can access them over the 
internet if you are not in the area. We also hope that you will flood 
local radio programs with calls about The MOVE 9 and flood local 
newspapers with letters to the editor as well. Thanks for all of your 

Tuesday, 7/28, 5:00pm (est)/ KGNU 88.5FM 1390AM 
<http://www.kgnu.org/>www.kgnu.org/ Shareef Aleem- Denver, CO.
Thursday, 7/30 8:00pm (est)/ WBAI 99.5FM 
<http://www.wbai.org>www.wbai.org / Sally O'Brien-New York, NY.
Sunday, 8/2, 1:00pm (est)/ Uhuru radio 
<http://www.uhururadio.com>www.uhururadio.com / Chimurenga- Phila., PA.
Monday, 8/3 8:05am (est)/ WURD 900AM 
<http://www.900wurd.com/>www.900wurd.com/ Bill Anderson- Phila., PA.
Monday, 8/3 5:00pm (est)/ WHPK 88.5FM 
<http://www.whpk.org>www.whpk.org / Zarakyah Ahmadiel- Chicago, IL.
Tuesday, 8/4 6:00pm (est)/ 
/ Mary Ellen Digiacomo
Tuesday, 8/4 11:00pm (est)/ KPFK 90.7FM 
<http://www.kpfa.org/>www.kpfk<http://www.kpfa.org/>.org/ Dedon 
Carr-Los Angeles, CA.
Wednesday, 8/5 12:00pm (est) / CFRU 93.3FM 
<http://wwcfru.ca/>wwcfru.ca/ Matt Soltys- Guelph, ON. Canada
Wednesday, 8/5 1:00pm (est)/ WURD 900AM 
<http://www.900amwurd.com>www.900amwurd.com / Reggie Bryant-Phila., PA.
Thursday, 8/6 11:00am (est)/ WPFW 89.3FM 
<http://www.wpfw.org>www.wpfw.org / Rhyme Katkhouda-Washington, DC.
Friday, 8/7 11:00pm (est)/ Wandas Picks 
<http://wandaspicks.asmnetwork.org>wandaspicks.asmnetwork.org /Wanda Sabir
Friday, 8/7 (est)/ KFAI 90.3 (Mnpls.) 106.7FM (St. Paul) 
<http://www.kfai.org>www.kfai.org / Lydia Howell-Minneapolis, MN.
Friday, 8/7 6:00pm (est)/ WRFG <http://www.wrfg.com>www.wrfg.com 
/Njere Alghanee-Atlanta, GA.
Friday, 8/7 8:00pm (est)/ WLTH 1370AM 
<http://www.wlth1370am.com>www.wlth1370am.com / Ron Muhammad-Gary, IN.
Saturday, 8/8 11:30am (est)/ KCBLR 
<http://www.kcblr.org>www.kcblr.org / Shiriki Unganisha-Kansas City, MO.
Saturday, 8/8 2:00pm (est)/ WURD 900AM 
<http://www.900amwurd.com>www.900amwurd.com / Norm Bond
Monday, 8/10 9:30pm (est) KBOO 90.7FM 
<http://www.kboo.com>www.kboo.com / Ruth Kovacs-Portland, OR.

There will also be radio programs in:
Barcelona Spain 
6am (est) Sat. 8/8
Hamilton New Zealand 
(<http://www.communityradio.co.nz>www.communityradio.co.nz) 9pm (est) Sun. 8/9

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