[Ppnews] Radio Prison: studio designed to broadcast the voices of Palestinian political prisoners

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Radio Prison: studio designed to broadcast the 
voices of Palestinian political prisoners

13.04.09 - 13:16

PNN exclusive - Osama Al Azzeh, Kristen Ess – In 
an unprecedented act of resistance Palestinian 
political prisoners in Israeli prisons began 
broadcasting the “Voice of Prisoners.”

This radio program will be a part of prison life 
in “all Israeli prisons and detention centers nationally,” say organizers.

Ra’fat Hamduna, Director of the Center for the 
Studies of Prisoners, says this is an 
“achievement of unprecedented initiative.” He 
explained on Monday that the broadcast is an 
exercise in the rights of the some 11,000 
Palestinian political prisoners being held by the Israeli administration.

“The sound will act as letters in lieu of the 
visits which are being prevented for all of the 
detained Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and the 
hundreds from the West Bank who are prevented 
familial visits under the pretext of security and other flimsy excuses.”

Hamuda said “this is positive and meaningful, and 
challenges the Government of Israel to ratify 
[policies] that crush prisoners and detainees in prisons.”

He added, “Through the voice of the prisoners 
there will be a link between the prisoners and 
the ban of visits between their families. The 
“Voice of Prisoners” will expose the violations 
against them by the occupation state and will 
show that the violations are contrary to 
democracy, human rights and international conventions.”

Hamduna predicts that the radio broadcasts will 
also “add to the unity among the Palestinian 
people, particularly the issue of prisoners as an 
issue of national consensus that cannot be divided.”

The Palestinian political prisoners’ unions and 
rights organizations are behind the project, 
which Saleh Al Masri, Radio Manager, confirmed to 
PNN on Monday is the first of its kind. “We are 
new and are broadcasting 24 hours per day.”

The studio that is broadcasting the messages, 
sent via mobile, is in Gaza. “This is so people 
can hear the voices of their children. It reaches 
out to Jerusalem, Al Aqsa, the West Bank,” Al Masri told PNN this afternoon.

Islamic Jihad, the Director of Radio Jerusalem, 
Al Masri and Hamduna were among those who 
initiated the idea to broadcast to a wider audience.

Al Masri stressed, “Prisoners will discuss all of 
the concerns of prisoners, their security, their 
moral and political views, and the news of their relatives.”

Hamduna reiterated the words of hundreds of 
thousands: that the Israeli prisons are 
illegitimate and the laws unjust while contravening international conventions.

Rabah Marzuk, Engineer and Executive Director of 
Radio Al Quds, called on Arab and international 
institutions to support the radio to defend the 
humanitarian and national cause for a wide range 
of prisoners inside Israeli jails who will 
communicate with the radio studio broadcasting from Gaza.

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