[Ppnews] Appeal denied in the case of the Cuban Five

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We have just received the information that on September 2, 2008 the
Atlanta Court of Appeals denied our reconsideration request presented
regarding our five compañeros imprisoned in the United States.

This means that the June 4th decision of the three-judge panel is
ratified and enters in force. In consequence, the guilty verdicts of
The Five are ratified, confirming the sentences against Gerardo (two
life sentences plus 15 years) and René (15 years), and that Judge Joan
Lenard, of Miami, can initiate the process to dictate new sentences to
Ramón, Antonio and Fernando.

With this decision we have until December 1, 2008 to ask the United
States Supreme Court to consider a revision of the case.

Now it is even more imperative to stress the International Campaign and
all support actions possible




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