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Wed Sep 3 17:56:39 EDT 2008

The Freedom Archives has been selected as the September/October 
recipient of the Modern Times Bookstore 10% Community Investment 
Project. Modern Times has committed to investing 10% of their event 
book sales to different community organizations working for social 
justice and community vitality in the Mission.

We are extremely honored to be recognized by the Modern Times 
Collective in this way!

Modern Times Bookstore is Located in San Francisco's Mission 
District, they sell both used and new books. They offer wide-ranging 
literature on globalization, politics and media, as well as an array 
of graphic novels, fiction, and criticism. They maintain informed 
<http://www.mtbs.com/bkbz_transqueer.html>sexuality and gender 
sections, and feature one of the Bay Area's most extensive 
collections of writings on Latina/o history and culture, including a 
full selection of <http://www.mtbs.com/bkbz_spanish.html>Spanish 
language books. And did we mention their 
<http://www.mtbs.com/bkbz_kidwar.html>children's books? Modern Times 
also fosters a vital literary community with an exciting calendar of 
<http://www.mtbs.com/events.html>events, a 
<http://www.mtbs.com/bkbz_blog.html>blog, and 
<http://www.mtbs.com/communitylinks.html>community resources.

Visit their calendar and support these events! (and support the 
Freedom Archives at the same time)

A Coupla of our special picks:

 From The Bottom Of The Heap: The Autobiography Of Black Panther 
Robert Hillary King
Robert Hillary King
   - Monday, September 22
   - 7:00 PM
A triple header event on political prisoners, incarceration, and 
struggle. Celebrate the launch of King's autobiography with us and 
get updated on the Angola 3 campaign. Denis O'Hearn, author of 
Nothing But an Unfinished Song and Andrej Grubacic, co-author of 
& Zapatistas: Conversations On Anarchism, Marxism, and Radical 
History join to discuss paths to liberation.
Real Cost Of Prisons Comix and Let Freedom Ring
Lois Ahrens & Matt Meyer
   - Monday September 29
   - 7:00 PM
These two new anthologies chronicle the tenacious and multifaceted 
work of prisoners and their allies in the fight for freedom. Real 
Cost of Prisons Comix presents how hundreds of thousands of prisoners 
and their allies have made the grisly facts and devastating effects 
of mass incarceration accessible through comics. With a two-decade 
sweep, Let Freedom Ring chronicles the essays, analyses, histories, 
interviews, resolutions, People's Tribunals verdicts, and poems by 
and about the scores of U.S. political prisoners and the campaigns to 
safeguard their rights and to secure their freedom. Longtime 
activists and authors Ashanti Alston and Rita 'Bo' Brown, along with 
author Ruth Wilson Gilmore join the discussion.

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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