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Fri Oct 31 15:28:22 EDT 2008

Carlos Albert Torres' parole hearing will be 
during the week of January 19th.  This is 2 
months earlier than what was originally thought 
(originally it was March).  We need to begin 
getting signed petitions in. So far we have about 
2000 petitions in.  We want to have 3-4000 to 
give to the parole board.  Please try to collect 
signatures using the attached letter.  Get your 
friends and companer at s to sign.  If you can 
remember, please bring them to any events and try to get signatures....

You can mail them to the address below and we 
will get them to the campaign.  Thanks!

Carlos Alberto Torres

Born on September 19, 1952

FCI Pekin
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 5000
Pekin, IL 61555

Carlos Alberto Torres was born in Ponce, Puerto 
Rico on September 19, 1952. Although he was 
raised in the United States, he was never 
disconnected from Puerto Rico. Carlos also had a 
strong religious upbringing; his father, Rev. 
José A. Torres, is pastor emeritus of the First 
Congregational Church of Chicago. These 
influences led Carlos to struggle for social 
justice through political and community activism.

Carlos engaged in struggles around housing, 
police brutality and education. He was one of the 
founders of the Puerto Rican alternative school 
now known as the Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High 
School and participated in the Committee to Free 
the Five Puerto Rican Nationalists.

In 1980, Carlos was arrested along with 10 other 
compañer at s and was convicted of seditious 
conspiracy and other charges in 1981; he was 
unfairly sentenced to 78 years in prison for his 
political ideas, not for any violent actions. He 
is the step-son of ex-political prisoner 
Alejandrina Torres. Carlos was not included in 
the 1999 Clinton clemency offer.

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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