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Greetings to my relatives, friends and supporters:

As the National Day of Mourning commemorates it 39th anniversary, I 
find myself approaching my 33rd year and I can't but help to see the 
striking similarities between why you are there, and I am here in 
this prison. And it is the denial of the truth by people who can make 
a difference. And it doesn't help matters any that those who do know, 
enable the myth of "Thanksgiving." But we must continue to change that.

I hope that this will be the last statement I will have to write to 
you from prison on this National Day of Mourning. I tell you this 
because I want to believe that I can stand here with you next year a free man.

It would be an honor for me to stand in your circle to mourn the 
people who have fallen in the path of colonization. I carry many 
names and memories of friends and relatives who have passed on in 
defending the people. Many people whom I want to remember their 
sacrifice for me. Those names begin with Joe Stuntz and hopefully 
have ended with Standing Deer. In between I want to remember Rocky 
Duenas, Dallas Thundershield, Bobby Garcia, and Standing Deer. Many 
of my family and friends who have passed on and I could not be there 
weighs on me because they have suffered also through the years of my 
living nightmare.

We've been through a lot, but we are still here and we are the 
evidence of the Western Hemisphere being populated before the first 
real immigrant arrived on our shores and they have a holiday for him. 
And all we have is a Day of recognition tomorrow. So lets use the 
Native American Heritage Day as another page in writing the truth of 
our history. My Sister Betty Ann and others will be carrying the 
truth in Fargo where I was railroaded by the manipulations of the 
FBI. It is another day they will pay attention to us. This is how we 
will keep the faith and remain strong.

So I offer my most humble gratitude to you for being here today and 
every year. And I would ask everyone to work with my new committee as 
we prepare for a push to bring me home. Right now the two most 
important things I would like for everyone to concentrate on is the 
30-year mandatory parole law and my transfer. There are plans being 
made, and they will be released when it is time. You can subscribe to 
our list serve at the website to stay updated on what we are doing 
and what you can do to help. I look forward to seeing you here next year.

In the Spirit of crazy Horse,
Leonard Peltier

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