[Ppnews] Seth Hayes has a date for parole hearing and is requesting financial assistance

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Sun Nov 23 11:34:59 EST 2008

hey folks,

I just wanted to let you all know that I've heard through Seth's 
lawyer Susan that his deferred parole hearing date has been set for 
December 3, 2008. So if anybody has any last-minute parole hearing 
letters, please courier them in to the senior parole officer at Wende 
Correctional facility ASAP.

If Seth gets parole, we will obviously have to move into overdrive to 
raise funds and to help him out upon his release. However, folks 
should also be prepared to visit him and write him if he is denied 
parole again. He is really hoping to get out, and it will be a very 
cruel blow if he is denied yet again -- and so he will need all of 
our love help and support in the coming weeks one way or the other.

Also, I wanted to let you all know that I received a letter from Seth 
Davis on October 27 in which he notes that "I am presently seeking 
contributions to my financial circumstance for items I'd like to 
purchase (food) but for which I lack package privileges. Any aid you 
can render, now or in the near future would be greatly appreciated."

This is the first time in eight years of me working with Seth that he 
has ever asked for financial assistance of any kind, so I would like 
to recommend that anybody with access to a little bit of extra cash 
send him something, as he obviously needs it.

His mailing address is

Robert Seth Hayes
#74A2280, Wende Corr. Facility
P.O. Box 1187, Alden, NY
14004-1187, USA

Please send money in the form of money orders that you can get at the 
bank or post office in US funds. I'm not sure what the maximum limit 
is that you can send, but I know that when dropping of cash at the 
visiting room it is $50 at a time.

take care,


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