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Mon May 26 10:26:24 EDT 2008

” the lonely path,

through dust and fog-

sweet home!”

It’s been two weeks now that Rod has been up in 
Oklahoma, a place that will serve as a residence 
to him for the next 10 months.  It, like the 
above haiku, is a lonely path, but what awaits is the beacon of inner strength.

He says it is really not so bad; the yard is nice 
and actually has vegetation, the other prisoners 
have been very helpful, and it seems as he may 
navigate his way through there alright.  He said 
he could sit in the afternoons, alone in the 
soccer yard, leaning on a goal post, reading 
undisturbed.  He said there are spaces of peace there.

The first week went as anticipated~ he being put 
in the whole as the incoming terrorist

. They 
needed to make sure he wasn’t going to make any 
trouble.  Once he met with the “captain”, he was 
allowed to join general population but he would 
be monitored very closely.  That is for certain, 
as I have only received one letter and he says he 
is sending one daily.  I think that is due to the 
regulations that every letter must be personally 
read before it goes out.  This is not standard 
procedure.  Also, Rod can call me between the 
hours of 1-4 pm his time, so that every call is 
live monitored, as well.  This means I can talk 
to him at 1pm my time, if I am off of work.  Such is the game.

At first I was not as disturbed by these limits, 
understanding the system of hierarchy and what it 
aims to do.  But as I think more on it, I become 
more concerned.  The reasoning on the part of FCI 
to monitor Rod is that they want to make sure 
that Rod is not recruiting from within 
prison.  That is heavy.  At first I laughed, I 
know it seems almost silly to think in their 
terms.  But, what it means is that they perceive 
Rod as a serious threat to National Security, a 
recruiter who must be monitored from even within his confinement!

I hear in Rod’s voice that he knows he has to be 
very careful.  There is a line in our 
conversations that we cannot cross.  They seem to 
be looking for something, and that makes me 
cautious.  I have felt how power-hungry and 
tyrannical this system is, and I have no doubt 
that once they are able to find a reason to 
punish Rod, they would.  It makes me hesitate to 
believe that the end of a battle with the government is near.

Sweet Home!

On a lighter note, I am trying to get myself out 
to Oklahoma, in June to surprise Rod with a 
visit!  It is intended to be a surprise, so if 
you write him please don’t mention it!  At this 
point, I charged the ticket to his credit card, 
and I am not sure how I will pay for a hotel and 
rental car!  But, I am determined to make it 
happen!  I know he needs me, I hear it in his voice!

If you could assist in any way, it would be 
appreciated!  We have always considered the 
community support such a honor to have!  I again 
would be so appreciative of any help in this 
direction.  If you please use the paypal option , 
that is always easiest for us, as well.

Thanks for keeping us in your hearts on the path through dust and fog-


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