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Thu May 22 18:19:30 EDT 2008

Dear friends,

Thanks so very much for your support of the 
Freedom Archives. Especially at a time of 
increasing economic crisis, we have been 
heartened by your contributions. And it is 
precisely during such challenging times that our 
work can take on even greater impact. Your 
support has enabled us to sustain activism across 
generations, provide media tools and training for 
our communities, and produce important documentary projects.

Our newest audio CD release, Paul Robeson: Words 
Like Freedom, is gaining wide exposure and 
inspiring people to rediscover Robeson’s 
political ideas and eloquence. His words resonate 
at this crucial juncture in our history. Thanks 
to the wonderful turnout at the CD release party 
at the La Pena Community Center and to all of the 
program participants  it was a tremendous success.

Legacy of Torture  about the ongoing case of the 
San Francisco 8  continues to be shown at film 
festivals, conferences, and special events 
throughout the world. The video has contributed 
to building a nationwide movement for justice and against torture.

Providing skills for our youth and our 
communities is essential to our long-term success.
With your support, our Youth Media Training 
Program continues to grow. We’re developing an 
afterschool program with Galeria De la Raza and 
piloting a program with June Jordan High School 
to explore the history of people’s movements in the Bay Area.

With your ongoing support we’ve been able to 
start work on a new documentary film  COINTELPRO 
101  on the history and continuing impact of the 
FBI’s vicious counterintelligence program. We’ve 
begun interviewing numerous activists who have 
direct knowledge of COINTELPRO including Kathleen 
Cleaver, Geronimo Ji-Jaga, Ward Churchill, 
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, and Jose Lopez. We are also 
utilizing historical footage. Our hope is to 
start screening a version of the video by this 
fall. If you are able to make a significant 
contribution to COINTELPRO 101, we will be glad 
to include your name in the film’s credits.

Were he alive and active today, Paul Robeson 
would be out there in the streets proclaiming 
“The artist must fight for freedom
I have made my choice!”


These projects exemplify the links between 
intergenerational community activism and 
historical media that are at the heart of the Freedom Archives.

Please stop for a moment to financially support 
our work. Our small budget values every 
contribution to the max. Our status as a 
non-profit educational organization streamlines 
the process of making tax-deductible 
contributions. Make checks payable to The Freedom Archives.

Here’s to continuing a very productive 2008.

With words like freedom,

Claude and Patricia

Please note that you can now contribute and get 
CDs and DVDs on line at our website!

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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