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Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat


6th Anniversary of the Detention of Ahmad Sa'adat

Today is January 15, 2008, which is the sixth anniversary of the 
detention of Ahmad Sa'adat by Palestinian Authority security forces 
on January 15, 2002. Sa'adat was invited under a false pretext to a 
meeting with an official of the PA, where he was immediately abducted 
and detained. Since that time he has been imprisoned -  first in the 
Muqata while it was under siege by the invading Israeli army, then 
transferred to Jericho prison -  a Palestinian Authority prison, yet 
under the control of U.S. and British "monitors" and guards, and 
today,  inside the jails of the occupation and facing a military 
trial and the potential of lengthy imprisonment with over 11,000 of 
his fellow Palestinian political prisoners. The six years of Ahmad 
Sa'adat's imprisonment, as a case of a Palestinian national leader, 
illustrate the situation of Palestinian prisoners and the multiple 
forces that have been brought to bear against the Palestinian people 
and their struggle for justice and liberation. These six years of 
injustice demand that we support Palestinian prisoners in their cause 
of justice.

On the sixth anniversary of Ahmad Sa'adat's detention, the Campaign 
to Free Ahmad Sa'adat needs your support! Only with the attention and 
action of people around the world demanding freedom for Ahmad Sa'adat 
- and all Palestinian prisoners - can we create the international 
force and pressure needed to make a difference.

Today, take action to work for freedom for Ahmad Sa'adat and all 
Palestinian Prisoners!

1. ENDORSE THE CAMPAIGN - Send your organizational and/or individual 
endorsement for the Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat to us at 
<Compose?To=info at freeahmadsaadat.htm>info at freeahmadsaadat.org . We 
have received a number of statements, letters and words of support, 
but it is critical now to build an extensive campaign with the 
support of organizations and activists around the world. 
Organizational endorsements are particularly critical - please bring 
the Campaign to your solidarity group, union, student association, 
women's group, community organization or other organization! We are 
looking to develop a strong, numerous list of endorsers, and your 
support and assistance are needed.

2. HOLD AN EVENT OR ACTIVITY - Organize a forum or event on the case 
of Ahmad Sa'adat, Palestinian prisoners, or political prisoners in 
general. Email us at 
<Compose?To=info at freeahmadsaadat.htm>info at freeahmadsaadat.org to tell 
us about your event; we will list it on our Events page in advance, 
and send us reports from your events that have already taken place. 
Such events are critical in informing the public and the progressive 
community about this case and the struggle of Palestinian prisoners.

3. DONATE TO THE CAMPAIGN - Visit our website at 
where you can donate online. Your donations will help us to produce 
materials and hard-copy information, operate our website, hold events 
and expand our work. Your donation is extremely helpful - donate today!

Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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