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Dear Friends:
We are writing to ask for your assistance in the case of Ramiro "Ramsey"
Muniz of Corpus Christi, Texas. Mr. Muniz is remembered for his 
leadership role
the Chicano Civil Rights Movement in the 60s and 70s. He ran for governor of
Texas twice, and made great contributions for Mexican Americans, Hispanics,
Latinos and others who had no representation in the political arena. To learn
more about him go to http://www.freeramsey.com.

Mr. Muniz is 65 years old, and he has suffered for many years, as he remains
unjustly incarcerated for crimes that he did not commit. A resolution 
in support
of Ramsey Muniz was passed at the LULAC National Convention in Chicago,
Illinois. We ask that you view the resolution by going to

Through the assistance of LULAC, the American GI Forum, senators, congressmen,
and our supporters throughout the Southwest, we were able to have Ramsey Muniz
transferred to Texas after 13 years. We remain grateful to all who 
were involved.

Sixth months after Ramsey's arrival in Texas, he was transferred to Oklahoma.
This happened because his incarceration is political. The transfer was unjust,
and in violation of his constitutional rights. For this reason, we 
will request
his transfer to Bastrop, Texas, a location closer to home that will help our
efforts in the reopening of his case so that he can prove his innocence.

We seek your assistance by distributing our information about Ramsey 
Muniz. Please
forwarding our email messages to others and ask them to forward the
messages to others as well. The first line of your email messages might read,
"Please forward this email to organizations, family, and friends."

The issue of Ramsey Muniz is a humanitarian cause that requires the 
of all senators and congressmen, and we request assistance from Democrats and
Republicans alike. Please forward our information to your senators and
congressmen when appropriate, so please begin to gather their email IDs and/or
mailing addresses.

If you are new to technology, please consider identifying a technical 
who can assist with the distribution of our information. If you 
locate someone,
send me their name and email address so that I can add them to our 
mailing list.

Thank you for your assistance with this urgent matter for which timing is
critical during this election year. The unjust incarceration of 
Ramsey Muniz is
political, and our cry for justice must be heard by those who seek Hispanic
votes. Please be a voice for this issue and help to free an innocent man who
contributed greatly to humanity.

For additional information go to http://www.freeramsey.com, and please click on
the video links below to view both video clips on the Ramsey Muniz issue:

Ramsey Muniz Video 1

Ramsey Muniz Video 2


Irma Muniz
Cell: 361-548-1024

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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