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The following message is from Susan Tipograph. Please circulate the
message to all appropriate lists (and of course please help in any way you
can so that Seth can get some medical attention). Thank you - laura

Many/most of you know or know of Robert Seth Hayes, a former Black Panther
Party member who has been incarcerated in New York State for 35 years.
Seth has diabetes and hepatitis C and, as many of you know, he has
received shockingly poor medical care. Recently, his diabetes has been out
of control and for the last 2 months he has had an infection on his toe
which has gone untreated. Despite the fact that his blood sugars have been
often sky-high, in the 8 years that he has been diagnosed with diabetes,
he has never seen an endocrinologist or diabetes specialist.

I have just written a letter to Brian Fischer, Commissioner of the NYS
Department of Correctional Services (Building 2, 1220 Washington Avenue,
Albany, NY 12226) and other DOCS officials demanding in summary that a)
Seth's toe infection get dealt with immediately, and b) he is seen and his
care supervised by an outside diabetes specialist (if they cannot do it at
Wende or in the Buffalo area, he should be transferred to a facility where
that can happen). I have also sent that letter with a cover letter asking
for help to a number of NYS legislators who have previously proven helpful
or serve on committees where they should. These legislators include:
Senate - Thomas Duane, Eric Adams - both of the Committee on Corrections
Assembly - Jeffrion Aubry - Chair, Committee on Corrections, Keith L.T.
Wright (Committee on Corrections, Richard N. Gottfried (Chair, Committee
on Health)(all of their contact information can be found on the websites
of the Senate and Assembly).

Starting February 26, 2008, please write letters to Brian Fischer to
insure that Seth get the care that he requires. Also, please contact the
legislators that I mentioned (along with any others that you think could
or should be helpful) and request that they take action to insure that
Seth gets the care that he needs and requires. If any of you have personal
or professional relationships with these legislators, please impress upon
them the urgency of this request.

Please pass this request along as widely as possible. If there are other
political, community and religious leaders or any others who could be
helpful, please reach out to them. I am on my own and my resources are
limited so anything that you can do will be a great help.

If you can, send me a copy of any correspondence so that I can keep it in
my records and send it along to Seth. In my experience, individual
letters, particularly those from people of influence, rather than form
letters or petitions, make the most difference. Thanks so much. Susan
Tipograph, 350 Broadway, Suite 700, New York, NY 10013.

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