[Ppnews] Ahmad Sa'adat sentenced to 30 years in the occupation prisons

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Thu Dec 25 16:03:47 EST 2008

Ahmad Sa'adat sentenced to 30 years in the occupation prisons - Demand
freedom now!

December 25, 2008

The Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat denounces the absurd, massive sentence
given to Ahmad Sa'adat by the illegitimate military court of the occupier
today, Tuesday, December 25 and calls upon all to act, protest and
demonstrate against this sentence and demand freedom for Sa'adat and all
Palestinian prisoners!

Ahmad Sa'adat, a national leader of the Palestinian people, was sentenced on
December 25, 2008 to thirty years in the occupation prisons for entirely
political charges. His sentencing, produced by an Israeli military court, is
intended as a mechanism for imprisoning the resistance and the commitment of
the Palestinian people to seek freedom, justice, liberation and
self-determination. This is the highest sentence delivered in the occupation
courts for a political charge.

However, neither Sa'adat nor the Palestinian people will be swayed by this
appalling sentence. This sentence, however, is political and requires action
and solidarity in order to ensure that Ahmad Sa'adat is freed and this
sentence becomes the mockery that it is.

Now is the time for demonstrations, petitions and actions in support of
Ahmad Sa'adat and Palestinian prisoners. The steadfastness of these
prisoners is an inspiration to all people around the world who cherish
freedom. In the face of torture and abuse in the prisons, in the face of
sentences meant to create hopelessness, Ahmad Sa'adat and the Palestinian
prisoners continue to provide hope - please contact the Campaign today!

On the other hand, the occupier's brutality, injustice and utter fear of the
Palestinian people's leadership shows in the illegitimate sentence served
today upon Ahmad Sa'adat. This court, a mechanism to preserve and enforce an
unjust, illegal military occupation, has sent down an invalid, lengthy
sentence against a people's leader who has spent his life to undo that
occupation. It will learn, however, that it cannot kill the commitment of
the people of the Palestine - and of the world - to seek freedom, by
imprisoning and assassinating their leaders.

*Freedom for Ahmad Sa'adat and all Palestinian prisoners!*
*Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat*
*December 25, 2008*

*Ahmad Sa'adat's statement to the court, December 25, 2008:*

At the outset, I do not stand to defend myself in front of your court has
already confirmed that I do not recognize the legitimacy of this court as an
extension of the illegal occupation under international law, and as well as
the legitimacy of our people's right to resist occupation, and that this
court is based on the British emergency laws of1945 about which one of one
of the leaders of the Zionist Labor Party said after their approval, It is
one of the worst of the Nazi laws. He added, "It is true that the Nazi
crimes committed did not reach the degree of crime of this legislation."
This court is the same age of the occupation of our land, since 1948.

  So I stand to defend my people and their legitimate right to national
independence and self-determination and return. These rights are guaranteed
by international law and humanitarian law and the resolutions of the United
Nations, as well as the most recent recommendations of the Hague Tribunal on
the wall.

I defend the right of our people to peace and stability not only in this
region, but also in the whole world. Security and stability can never be
achieved  in Palestine or in the region and the world as long as there is a
policy based on the logic of the occupation and imposition of things on
people, whether by force through military invasion or occupation, as in

  I stand before this court again today, as a mechanism for the suppression
of our people and a tool of oppression, that is unable to end the
resistance and is an  example of the inability of the occupation and its
policies imposed on the peoples to do so. If you review the files of the
prisoners of the Zionist occupation of Palestine, you will find that many of
the prisoners are held a second time or a third time, because this mechanism
has failed to deter our people or our activists fighting for our rights.

This, like many other examples of the failure of the occupation and its
tools to suppress of our people and abolish our resistance, and these
courts, will remain as long as the occupation exists and will also remain in
the resistance of our people.

The existing policy of the occupation and the logic of imposing by force
will not bring security to Israel or other countries engaged in occupation.
The main route to achieve security, stability and peace in the region is to
end the occupation and the implementation of the resolutions of
international legitimacy for the Palestinian cause, to provide a climate in
which a democratic, peaceful and humane solution to the Palestinian crisis
and the Arab-Zionist conflict is established from the roots is the only way
to end violence and bloodshed.

Finally, I have already stressed in my previous statements from the
so-called indictment, to the trial that hasbeen formulated, and now
reiterate the same position after your court concluded, that this is
one-sided and farcical way to achieve its resolution under a mere image of a
"court." The convictions were known in advance, and pre-determined by the
terms of the political and security mechanism, which is made "legitimate" by
the court.

   The essence of my position is that I am proud of the Palestinian people
and their political and national resistance and their just struggle to
achieve their national rights and also I am proud of the trust given me by
the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,
by electing me as Secretary-General, and I'm sorry that I have not yet been
able to fully perform my duties, first: because of the detention of the
Palestinian Authority and the loss of my freedoms to work for more than four
years, and second because of this abduction, in which more than one party -
the U.S., Britain and the Palestinian Authority - were complicit; and
notwithstanding anything that could hamper you or force you, you cannot stop
the struggle, along with my people, in whatever space of movement.

Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people!

Ahmad Sa'adat
December 25, 2008

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