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Date:         December 15,  2008
From:        Robert R. Bryan, lead counsel
Subject:    U.S. Supreme Court developments regarding Mumia 
Abu-Jamal, death row
Introduction  Mumia Abu-Jamal remains on Pennsylvania's death 
row.  Last week marked the 27th anniversary of his unjust 
imprisonment.  Racism, fraud and politics have been threads that have 
run through the case since its inception, and continue today.

We are in extensive litigation on two fronts before the United States 
Supreme Court.  The prosecution is continuing it quest for the 
execution of my client.  In a separate case before the court, I am 
seeking an entirely new trial and Mumia's freedom.  Based upon my 
experience in having successfully represented numerous people in 
murder cases involving the death penalty, I am convinced that we can 
win if I can just get it back before a jury.

U.S. Supreme Court  The following is a brief overview of recent 
developments and filing deadlines:

Beard v. Abu-Jamal, U.S. Sup. Ct. No. 08-652  On November 14, 2008, 
the Philadelphia District Attorney filed in the U.S. Supreme Court a 
petition seeking to overturn the victory we achieved earlier this 
year in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.  Abu-Jamal 
v. Horn, 520 F.3d 272 (3rd Cir. 2008).  In that ruling court ordered 
a new jury trial on the question of the death penalty.  Our Brief In 
Opposition is scheduled to be filed on January 21, 2009.

Abu-Jamal v. Beard, U.S. Sup. Ct. No. 08A299  The Petition for Writ 
of Certiorari will be filed on December 19, 2008.  The issues concern 
the prosecution's use of racism in jury selection.  Relief was denied 
last spring by a sharply divided federal court.  This is of great 
constitutional significance as reflected by the extraordinary 
dissenting opinion of Justice Thomas L. Ambro.  Abu-Jamal v. Horn, 
520 F.3d at 304-320.  He reaffirmed the bedrock principle that 
everyone is entitled to a fair and impartial trial by a jury of his 
or her peers, and that excluding even a single person from a jury 
because of race violates the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. 
Constitution's Fourteenth Amendment.

Donations for Mumia's Legal Defense  The legal defense for Mumia 
needs substantial funds.  The legal costs for our litigation in the 
Supreme Court are considerable and will likely reach six figures.  To 
help, please make your checks payable to the "National Lawyers Guild 
Foundation" (indicate "Mumia" on the bottom left).  The donations are 
tax deductible, and should be mailed to:

Committee To Save Mumia Abu-Jamal
P.O. Box 2012
New York, NY 10159-2012

Conclusion  This is a life and death struggle to save Mumia.  He is 
in greater danger than at any time since being arrested.  Your 
support and activism is needed.  That Mumia remains in prison and on 
death row is an affront to basic human rights.  We must aggressively 
continue this struggle until he is free.

Yours very truly,
Robert R. Bryan

Law Offices of Robert R. Bryan
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San Francisco, California 94123-4117

Lead counsel for Mumia Abu-Jamal

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