[Ppnews] Angola 3 Update - Release on Bail Delayed & Herman Doing Fine

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A few legal updates on Albert's bail, the State's upcoming 5th 
Circuit appeal of Albert's overturned conviction, and the latest on 
our friend Herman's recent health scare.
Albert's Release on Bail Delayed Again
State Secures 5th Circuit Court Temporary Stay on Release

Late last Wednesday, the State succeeded in convincing the 5th 
Circuit Court to stay Brady's bail order.  Albert's legal team had 
till yesterday to respond.  This means that Brady's release order is 
frozen until the 5th Circuit looks at the State's objections and our 

Our deftly argued, comprehensive 37 page response 
concludes:  Accordingly, as Mr. Woodfox has already spent every 
minute of the last ten years in jail fighting a conviction that is 
both unconstitutional and factually erroneous, he should not be 
required to spend an additional year in jail just so the State can 
pursue an appeal that it is not likely to win.

We expect a ruling in coming weeks.  Sadly, all release preparations 
are on hold till we see what the 5th Circuit says.

State's Upcoming 5th Circuit Appeal
Attempting to Undo Brady's Order to Overturn Albert's Conviction

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 4th, the State's appeal of Brady's 
decision to overturn Albert's conviction is due to the 5th 
Circuit.  Our team then has 30 days to respond.  If you want copies 
of the legal filings, as always, just email me and I'll send them along.

Herman's Health Scare
He Reports He's Feeling Much Better

As many of you know, Herman collapsed during a visit with supporters 
last Friday and was taken to the hospital.  Since that time his 
attorneys and many A3 supporters have struggled to find out how he is 
doing.  Visiting and phone rules for solitary are such that no one 
was allowed to visit or talk with him until yesterday (including 
attorneys), except for one brief emergency call to his sister on Saturday.

Even after seeing him we still are unsure why he lost consciousness 
and are working to determine the cause.  But for now, please know 
that he is feeling much better and reports being well cared for, 
despite being back in his cold dungeon cell.

I'm including his mailing address in case you want to send him a Get 
Well card, or tell Albert we are waiting for him to join us in New 
Orleans for the New Year.


Tory Pegram
A3 Campaign Coordinator
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