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A Message to Grassroots Hip Hop

by Davey D

Listen to the Breakdown FM Speech by clicking HERE:


This is an incredible speech from long term Freedom Fighter and 
former political prisoner Dhoruba Bin Wahad..It took place during the 
recently held National Hip Hop Political Convention in Las Vegas. 
Dhoruba sat on a panel that focused on the legacy of Cointel-Pro 
which took down the Panthers, the anti-war movement and other 
organizations during the 1960s.. The purpose of this panel was to see 
how this insidious policy of domestic spying had manifested itself 
within Hip Hop.

Dhoruba was scheduled to be part of a panel, and offer brief remarks, 
but people were so moved by him and his unwavering commitment to the 
freedom struggle, he was asked at the last moment to address the 
entire convention.. He really dropped some bombs.

He talked about this country's ascension into being an empire and 
starts off with the landmark year of 1968... Its interesting to note 
that Dhoruba's breakdown of social and political events that took 
place in 1968 parallels the social and political events chronicled by 
author Jeff Chang in his landmark book about the Hip Hop generation 
called'Can't Stop Won't Stop'.

The message that Dhoruba delivers is an important one and hopefully 
it will motivate all of us to pay closer attention and get more 
involved in the day to day political discourse that impacts our communities.

Enjoy, Get Enlightened and Evolve..

PS.. The song you hear in the beginning is brand new music from the 
Black Panther of Hip Hop- Paris is new album Acid Reflex is due out 
in early September. It was almost as if he wrote this song for Dhoruba.

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