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ONA MOVE, Everybody!  This is an update on the MOVE 9 parole 
situation.  Janine, Janet and Debbie were interviewed by Matthew 
Mangino in person and Judy Viglione watched on closed circuit 
TV.  Janine told us that Mangino questioned her about the issue of 
innocence and then he didn't want to hear any information about 
MOVE's innocence. Janet and Debbie got to put out a lot of 
information about how many people sit in prison for 20, 30 years and 
have to be released because their innocence is proven so a conviction 
does not make a person guilty.  Viglione asked Janet and Debbie a few 
questions about what they would be doing if they were released.  The 
decision could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.  Our 
brothers see the parole board sometime this month but they don't have 
a specific date yet.  My brother, Michael, was in the U.S. Marines 
before joining MOVE (he was around 17 years old) and after being 
around MOVE he decided not to go back to the Marines.  He was AWOL 
(away without official leave).  The Military Police came to MOVE Hq. 
and JOHN AFRICA gave them some serious information-they never came 
back. Now over 35 years later, when prison officials interviewed 
Michael to decide if they would recommend him for parole or not, they 
bring up this issue of Michael going AWOL from the military when he 
was 17.  It's obvious that this government does not want MOVE people 
on the street again so we have to keep the pressure on them so they 
have no choice but to release innocent MOVE people.  Stay strong and 
keep sending letters to the parole board, keep the pressure on.  Ona 

ONAMOVELLJA at aol.com

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