[Ppnews] Yu Kikumura freed in Japan - 20 years in US Control Unit Prison

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Thursday, Oct. 25th 2007

i just got a call from Mo Nashida.
Mo let me know that he just received a call from japan and Yu 
Kikumura was let out of jail this morning in Japan.
Yu is Free and back home!
i'll send more info when i get it.

Free All Political Prisoners!

lane farnham

 From April 2007

Update to political prisoner supporters in the U.S. on the eve of Yu 
Kikumura's release

After nearly 20 years in U.S. supermax prisons, Yu Kikumura, 
political prisoner, Japanese anti-imperialist and lifelong supporter 
of the liberation of Palestine, is scheduled to be released from 
Federal Bureau of Prisons custody on Wednesday, April 18th.  He is a 
Japanese citizen and therefore will be transferred to Immigration 
Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody in Denver, Colorado.  Yu has waived 
his right to a deportation hearing and anticipates his deportation to 
Japan soon after April 18th.

Friends, family and supporters in Japan are anxiously awaiting his 
return, however, his future in Japan is unclear.  There are 
indications that the Japanese government may arrest him for any 
number of things that they are working hard to dig up from decades 
ago as they, like the U.S., see him as a political activist and an 

It's important that we be prepared to intervene in support of Yu as 
well as pressure the authorities in Japan in support of his liberty 
and return to his community and family after 20 years of captivity.

For more information about Yu and his personal and political history, check out

For more information about his release and how you can support him in 
following his release from U.S. captivity, please contact his friends 
and supporters in Japan at:  numazo at nifty.com

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