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Tuesday, October 23
Michael Tarif & Evelyn Warren
9:30 a.m.
Criminal Court, AP2
120 Schermerhorn Street
Brooklyn, New York

Who are the Warrens?
Michael Tarif Warren is a high profile attorney who has been practicing
law for 28 years. His wife Evelyn is also an attorney. Mr. Warren is a
human rights attorney known for handling cases of police brutality,
including those of Michael Stewart, Yvonne Smallwood, and the five young
black teenagers falsely convicted of raping the white bank executive "the
Central Park Jogger." On Thursday, June 21, 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Warren
became victims of police abuse in Brooklyn.

What Happened?
Attorney Michael Tarif Warren and his wife Evelyn were driving along
Vanderbilt Avenue around 6:00 pm, when they witnessed NYPD officers
"kicking and stomping" a handcuffed young black man. The Warrens pulled
over to help.
Mr. Warren said "We saw a young kid being chased by a horde of policemen
across a McDonald's parking lot. They tackled him and immediately put
handcuffs on him. Then Sergeant Talvy, who appeared to be in charge, began
kicking him in the head and ribs, and stomping him on the neck." The other
police officers followed suit. "They literally gave this kid a beating
which was unconscionable."

"Not only as people of conscience and moral decency, but as lawyers, we
said this is outrageous." They arrived and stood "more than ten feet
away," he said. Mr. Warren told Sergeant Talvy they were lawyers, and told
him to stop and just take the young man to the precinct. In response he
said, "Talvy shouted, I don't give a f**k who you are, get the f**k back
in your car!"
They returned to their car, and Mr. Warren began to write down the license
plate numbers of the police vehicles as they watched them put the bleeding
young man in a car. "Then Talvy comes to my car and viciously attacks me,
repeatedly punching me through the window. Shouting, 'Get out of the car!'
He dragged me out of the car, ripping my shirt and pants. My wife, very
upset, asked him why are you doing this? He then punched her in the face."
Both were arrested and taken to the 77th precinct charged with
obstruction, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Quickly, word of the Warrens arrest spread, and several hundred people
descended on the 77th Precinct demanding his release. Organizations
including the December 12th Movement, 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who
Care, Malcolm X Grassroots, International Action Center, CEMOTAP, the
Muslim community, the Haitian community and many others were present and
several media outlets were on hand.

NYC Councilman Charles Barron, Attorneys Roger Wareham, Reginald Haley,
and Marisa Benton began negotiating their release with Brooklyn's top
brass, including Community Affairs Chief Douglas Zeigler, Brooklyn Borough
Commander Chief Gerald Nelson, and 77th Precinct Executive Officer Michael
Marino. At approximately 10:30 PM Evelyn Warren was released with a DAT
(desk appearance ticket), Michael Warren was released with a DAT at 11:30

Councilman Barron and other community activists are demanding Talvy be
fired and that Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hines "drop the charges
(against the Warrens) and charge the police." He stated, "Police who
murder and assault us must be charged with crimes and put in jail. That is
the only deterrent."

Evelyn Warren added, "We are professionals, if they do this to us in broad
daylight on a crowded street, what do they do in the dark when no one is
around? That's what I'm concerned about. Officer Talvy must go and Police
Commissioner Kelly must go, because his policy allows this behavior to

If charges against them are not dropped, Michael and Evelyn Warren vow to
take the case to trial and use it as a community mobilizing and educating
tool to fight police brutality.

What We Can Do
The New York Police Department and Brooklyn District Attorney Charles
Hines regularly ignore cases where racist police officers assault and
murder civilians. We are a volunteer group of relatives, neighbors,
friends and community members determined to become informed and support
the Warren's in their quest for justice. Join us.
(1) INFORM everyone about this case.
(2) MOBILIZE everyone for the upcoming court dates
(3) SIGN UP for regular emails about updates, court dates and community
support events (top of page). Sign up all your friends.
(4) GET TOGETHER with neighbors, friends, family, members of your faith
community, etc. and hold events to raise awareness of this case
(5) WRITE the Mayor and Police Commissioner

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