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Mon Oct 15 11:17:44 EDT 2007

Welcome to another tale of terror within the prison within a prison 
here at New Jersey State Prison: the infamous Management Control Unit 

Welcome to the Terrordome, here's my tale of terror..............

On Friday morning August 31st, 2007, around 9:45am, I returned to the 
Management Control Unit cell block, called #4-B-Right, after a 2 hour 
outside group recreation period with 8 other MCU prisoners.

Around 10:45am, 2 armed security guards showed up at the cell #21 
with a sergeant and told me to put both of my hands through the 
porthole to be handcuffed because I was being moved downstairs to 
#2-B-Left, which is another section of the MCU.

I am escorted from #4-B-Right to #2-B-Left via the elevator. I enter 
#2-B-Left and was placed in cell #1, one of the 2 close watch cells 
monitored by cameras mounted on the cell doors outside. These 2 
cells/cages are without sitting stools and shelves.

The light switches, the wall sockets have steel plates welded over 
them. The steel frame bed-rack is bolted to the floor. The cells 
consist of stainless steel toilets and sinks and one dirty uncovered 
foam mattress. The white lights inside the two cell cages stay on 24 
hours a day.

As I enter cell #1, I look up to see that the back wall and both side 
walls of the cage are covered with long streaks of dry human blood. I 
turn around to face the cell/cage door and see 2 ten inch long 
streaks of dry human blood on the cell door window. I looked over 
into the stainless steel sink to see dry spots of human blood in the 
sink and to look down at the cage floor to see dry spots of human blood on it.

Around 2:10 pm, the second shift Lieutenant was escorting the social 
worker through #2-B-Left and I stopped him to inquire about why I was 
moved down to #2-B-left and why was I placed in this human blood 
drenched cell and turned to point out the blood covered walls.

He responded by saying he could see the streaks of blood on the cell 
door window and he did not know why I was moved down to #2-B-left and 
why I was placed in the cell and he would try to find out why.

The Lieutenant called somebody and he came back to tell me that the 
Warden, Michelle R. Ricci gave the order for me to be moved down to 
#2-B-left but he still could not tell me why I was moved.

Around #:10 pm on the 31st of August, i was moved from cell #1 to 
cell #5. Around 7:30 pm that night, one of #2-B-Left's security 
guards escorted 2 prisoners from the prison's general population into 
the steel fenced in area of cells 1 to 6 so they could clean up the 
dry human blood splatered around cell 31.

They were wearing white jumpsuits, white rubber gloves and face 
masks. They also were carrying red plastic waste bags and plastic 
bottles of yellow bleach.

After my forced 6 hour stay in that human blood stained cell, I was 
not given a change of clothing or afforded the opportunity to take a 
shower. After I moved into cell #5, I washed my boots down with soap and water.

I was told by prisoners locking next to me that cell #1 had been in 
that human blood stained condition for over a month after a prisoner 
cut himself up in his quest to commit suicide.

Cell #1 should have been "sanitized" before I or any other human 
being was placed in there.

MCU prisoners with congregate status are afforded the opportunity to 
partake in the below listed activities if they desire to do so:

1. Outside recreation every other day for 2 hours in groups.
2. Inside night time quiet recreation for 1 hour whenever scheduled.
3. Eating out of the cells in groups of 6 every 4th day or just 
coming out of the cell to pick up your tray.
4. Haircuts.
5. Meeting with counselors and classes.
6. Having the portholes adjacent to the cell door open 24 hours a day.

I am the only MCU prisoner down here on #2-B-Left who has congregate 
status and I cannot participate in the above listed activities 
because the prisoners on #2-B-Left do not have classified congregate 
approval. i have not violated any of these rules...................

Ojore N. Lutalo
P.O Box 861
Trenton, NJ 08625-0861

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

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