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Thu Oct 11 20:15:56 EDT 2007

Below: Sign online petition for the safe return 
of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine - missing for 2 months since August 12, 2007


Our names are Stéphane and Olivier 
Pierre-Antoine, the children of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine.

This week will be the sixth one that we spend 
without our father, who is kept hostage and it 
has been more than 42 days since we did not 
receive any notice from him being alive.  The 
hours and the days go by without anyone, except 
his close relatives, seeming to worry about his fate.

We have felt a big void in our hearts since this 
disappearance.  This deplorable situation prevent 
us from sleeping, eating and forces us to 
concentrate our thoughts on the slow agony that 
our father is living.  Deprived of freedom, our 
father incurs the risks to catch diseases, to be 
victim of physical violence by his abductors and 
to have his spirit devoured by despair.

We ask you, who probably are fathers and mothers, 
to listen to the words of two teenagers who crave 
the presence of their father.  Listen well to 
this outcry of pain and anguish that comes 
directly from our heart.  It is not only our 
father that we miss, we are also deprived of our 
dear friend, of our counselor and of our 
spiritual guide.  We ask the authorities of the 
country and the Haitian people to do all this 
that is in their power to free our dad.  We 
particularly ask his abductors to grant us the 
return of our daddy who is so dear to us.

Even if we are aware that a release is a complex 
and long process, it has been more than a month 
than we did not see our dad and we want to insist 
on the unbearable wait that we are confronted 
with.  In the name of Human Rights and of the 
inherent duty to save people in lethal danger, we 
massively call on the Haitian authorities and the 
international community to help us find the means 
that will allow the release of our dad.

We do not doubt that in the future, all efforts 
will be set in motion to make the release of our 
dear dad an absolute priority.  We wish for 
energetic and effective measures to be deployed 
to this end.  We take this opportunity to 
cordially thank all those who, in a way or 
another, brought us their moral support during this sad period of our life.

Stéphane Pierre-Antoine  and  Olivier Pierre-Antoine

Urgent help needed to ensure the safe return
of Haitian human rights activist
Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine

Dear Friends,

Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, the internationally 
respected Haitian human rights activist, has been 
missing in Haiti since 12 August.

The following is a call for his safe return to 
his family and to his human rights work, to be 
sent to President Rene Preval of Haiti, as well 
as to the Brazilian, Canadian & US High 
Commissions /Embassies/Consulates in whatever 
countries we find ourselves.  These governments 
play a key role in relation to the UN forces 
(headed by Brazil) which have taken 
responsibility for law and order in 
Haiti.   Background is given below.  The link is 
http://www.petitiononline.com/august/petition.html .

Please add your name to let those to whom the 
call is addressed know how urgent you believe is 
Lovinsky's safe return.  Thus far there are over 
90 organizations, public figures and other 
individuals who have signed from 16 Caribbean 
countries as well as from other countries, 
including: actor/activist Danny Glover, writer 
George Lamming, journalist Rickey Singh; the 
Walter Rodney Commemorative Committee (Caribbean, 
USA, UK, Canada, Africa); Crossroads Women's 
Centers (Guyana, Spain, UK, US); the Local 
Station Board, KPFK, Pacifica Radio (So. 
California).  Names of all signatories are being 
sent to those to whom the letter is addressed, 
and will be published at a later date. Thank you.

Women of Color Global Women's 
Strike             Red Thread (Guyana)

TO: President Preval
The Brazilian Embassy
The US Embassy
The Canadian Embassy

RE:  Urgent help in ensuring the safe return of 
Haitian human rights activist Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine

As women and men in the Caribbean Region, in the 
wider diaspora, and in many parts of the world, 
we are writing to urge you to make resources 
available without delay for the search for 
Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, and to do everything in 
your power to secure his safe return to his family and community.

As you may know, Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, the 
internationally respected Haitian human rights 
activist who is well loved by his family and 
community, has been missing in Haiti since the 
evening of August 12.  We are acutely aware of 
the suffering, hardship and heartbreak Lovinsky's 
disappearance has meant for his family and other 
loved ones, as well as of the anger and suffering 
of the community from whose arms this gentle man 
and leading advocate for the poor has been snatched.

Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine is a father, a husband, 
an uncle, a member of an extended family; a 
soft-spoken man of great compassion with a big 
heart and a sense of humor.  He is also an 
extraordinary grassroots leader.   Lovinsky, as 
he is generally known, is a co-founder of 
Fondayson Trant Septanm, an organization founded 
by family members and others concerned about the 
victims of the 1991 coup, the first against 
President Aristide; the organization's name is 
the date of that coup.   Similar to the work of 
internationally renowned Mothers of the 
Disappeared in Central and South America, the 
September 30th Foundation for over a decade held 
weekly vigils demanding justice for victims of 
human rights violations and the release of political prisoners.

Additionally, Lovinsky was the co-founder of 
Fondsayon Kore Timoun Yo (Foundation for the 
Support of Children) for young street children in 
Port au Prince, FAM (Foyer pour Adolescentes 
Mères), a center for teenage mothers, and Map Viv 
("I Live"), a program designed to give medical 
and psychological aid to the victims of the 
1991coup. His present community-based human 
rights organization Fondayson Trant Septnm grew 
out of the work of those earlier efforts.  He is 
part of the Lavalas movement and a member of the 
Lavalas Party, and was a potential candidate for the Haitian Senate.

Lovinsky lived in Washington DC during the 
turmoil and violence that followed the removal of 
President Aristide in 2004.  During that time he 
continued his work as an advocate for Haiti's 
poverty-stricken majority, including gathering 
support of a wide network of organizations and 
individuals in the US, meeting with members of 
Congress, speaking at human rights forums in 
Boston, Los Angeles and elsewhere in the US as 
well as in Brazil, Canada and Venezuela.  A month 
after he returned to Haiti, Lovinsky was 
instrumental in bringing together a delegation 
that included journalists and others who hail 
from Guyana, Barbados and the United States to 
attend the May 2006 Inauguration of President Rene Preval.

Those of us who were part of that delegation were 
struck by the welcome Lovinsky received from 
grassroots Haitians as they greeted him publicly 
for the first time since his return. At a 
community-based event to mark the inauguration of 
President Preval, he was mobbed as a returning 
hero, a man who was clearly respected, loved and 
had been missed by the thousands who had gathered 
hopeful for a new day in Haiti.  The mutual 
respect and love between him and other grassroots 
women and men was also evident in a later meeting 
with women from Cite Soleil most of whom were 
either former political prisoners or the mothers, 
wives and other relatives of political prisoners, 
many carrying photographs of their tortured children and husbands.

As the first Black republic, Haiti has always 
held a special place in the heart of those of us 
in the Caribbean region and to oppressed peoples 
throughout the world.  Haiti led the way for the 
emancipation of those of us enslaved; provided 
refuge for Simon Bolivar, the liberator of Latin 
America, and sent troops to fight alongside 
Bolivar.  The Haitian Revolution also opened the 
way for the Louisiana Purchase in the United 
States through its defeat of Napoleon's forces.

But instead of being celebrated for these 
important achievements, the Haitian people have 
paid a heavy price for winning emancipation, a 
price which helps explain their present suffering 
and their having still to struggle for human and 
economic rights while doing the wrenching work of 
day-to-day survival in what has been named the 
poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

We all owe a great debt to the Haitian 
people.  Their spirited and principled 
determination, their refusal to bend to the 
powerful forces which have tried to keep them 
down, has been and continues to be an inspiration 
throughout the world but especially to those of 
us who defend human rights and dignity in the 
Caribbean region. Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine 
personifies the Haitian determination which has 
refused to submit despite all the odds.  He has 
refused careerism and opportunism and continues 
to stand with the popular movement.  He has 
earned the solidarity of the whole of the wider 
Caribbean Community and around the world who 
struggle for justice and freedom in our region. A 
man of Haiti, he is a part of us wherever we are 
and wherever there is injustice around the world.

We urge the Embassies of the United States and 
Brazil, as well as President of Haiti Rene 
Preval, to do all in your power, including making 
resources available to secure the safe return of 
a true freedom fighter: Lovinsky 
Pierre-Antoine.  We ask that he be returned 
unharmed to his family, and to the community that loves and needs him.

Andaiye, Guyana: Red Thread, Guyana and Women of 
Color in the Global Women's Strike

Margaret Prescod, Barbados/ Los Angeles, 
California: journalist and Women of Color in the Global Women's Strike


For further info and/or to support the call 
below, email us at 
 >www.globalwomenstrike.net  or sign on line:
<mailto:red_thread at gol.net.gy><mailto:red_thread at gol.net.gy> 
red_thread at gol.net.gy                    tel: 011 592 227 7010
<mailto:la at crossroadswomen.net><mailto:la at crossroadswomen.net> 
la at crossroadswomen.net               tel: 323-276-9833
Europe:                     <mailto: 
womenstrike8m at server101.com><mailto:womenstrike8m at server101.com> 
womenstrike8m at server101.com      tel: + 44 (0) 207 482 2496

We the undersigned are asking for the safe return of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine.



Organization or ID


Please continue to contact the following offices 
of the Haitian government, the US embassy and the 
UN occupying powers. Express your concern that 
all efforts are being made to facilitate the safe 
return of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, missing in Haiti since August 12, 2007.

Haitian Ministry of Justice
Tel: 011-509-245-0474

UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)
Tel: 011-509-244-0650/0660
FAX: 011-509-244-9366/67
Or, Fax Office of UN Secretary General in New York: 212-963-4879

United States Embassy in Haiti
Tel: 011-509-223-4711, or 222-0200 or 0354
FAX: 011-509-223-1641

Embassy of Brazil in Haiti
FAX: 011-509-256-0900
Email::<> <mailto:HAIBREM at accesshaiti.com>HAIBREM at accesshaiti.com
Tel: 011-509-256-9662 or 6208 or 7556 or 7578

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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