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Mon May 14 10:42:03 EDT 2007

Below are some links to articles about the terrorism enhancement that 
the defendants in Daniel's case are opposing. There will be a hearing 
on Tuesday, May 15th in Eugene, Oregon. If you can attend the court 
hearing, please do. The hearing will be held in Judge Aiken's 
courtroom at the new Federal courthouse at 405 East 8th Avenue off 
Franklin Bouelvard.

We have received requests about all the briefs filed in the case this week.
You can read Daniel's terrorism enhancement memo 
You can read the outrageous government sentencing 
memorandum<http://cldc.org/pdf/government_sentencing_memo.pdf> here.
Keep in mind this is a very one-sided memo and the defendants will be 
filing their own briefs regarding sentencing soon.

Thanks for your support.
Please keep Daniel and his codefendants in your thoughts this next week.
<http://www.supportdaniel.org>Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan


Daniel's codefendant Jonathan Paul's mom, Sarah Paul, wrote an op-ed 
in today's Register Guard about Mothers' Day and her son.
property is not terrorism By Sarah Paul


Seeks "Terrorism Enhancement" for Environmental Activists
by Will Potter

<http://eugeneweekly.com/2007/05/10/news2.html>Terror Label: Feds 
seek to 'enhance' sentences for eco-saboteurs
from this week's Eugene Weekly

Environmentalists are not Terrorists!

New Eugene Federal Building (405 East 8th Ave.)
MAY 15

May 15 at 9:30 am is the hearing to decide whether the people who have
plead guilty to acts of environmentally motivated property damage,
and are awaiting their sentences, deserve the TERRORIST label and
the 20 ADDITIONAL YEARS that go along with it. In the weeks that
follow the 5/15 hearing, the defendants will face individual
sentencing hearings with possible priosn terms of 2 to 18 years for
their crimes.

Whether you agree with their tactics or not, the federal "Terrorism
Enhancement" should not apply to these people!

Speakers include:
Alejandro Queral, Northwest Constitutional Rights Center
Lauren Regan, Civil Liberties Defense Center

For more information, contact:
<http://www.cldc.org>Civil Liberties Defense Center
259 E 5th Ave, Ste 300 A
Eugene, OR 97401
541.687.9180 ph
For general inquiries: <mailto:%20cldc.org>info at cldc.org
Lauren Regan, Attorney at Law,
Executive Director
<mailto:lregan at cldc.org>lregan at cldc.org

<http://www.supportdaniel.org>Daniel McGowan is an environmental and 
social justice activist. He was charged in federal court on many 
counts of arson, property destruction and conspiracy, all relating to 
two incidents in Oregon in 2001. Until recently, Daniel was offered 
two choices by the government: cooperate by informing on other 
people, or go to trial and face life in prison. His only real option 
was to plead not guilty until he could reach a resolution of the case 
that permitted him to honor his principles. As a result of months of 
litigation and negotiation, Daniel was able to admit to his role in 
these two incidents, while not implicating or identifying any other 
people who might have been involved. The government will seek a 
sentence of eight years, while Daniel's lawyers will seek a sentence 
of no more than 63 months at his June 4th sentencing hearing.

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