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Bro. Bilal Sunni-Ali Support Group
P.O. Box 87433 College Park, GA  30337
As Salaam Alaikum,
Most of you are at different stages of being aware of the present 
conditions regarding Brother Bilal Sunni-Ali. He underwent surgery on 
December 1, 2006. The procedure required the surgeon to physically 
hold onto his spinal column while simultaneously removing an amount 
of excess calcium from the spine with the use of a drill. The 
procedure was successful resulting in the removal of the matter which 
had begun pressing on Bilal' s esophagus making it impossible for him 
to swallow. Additionally, his blood pressure had been out of control.

He is now in recovery and rejuvenation. His recovery requires lots of 
time being still, quiet and staying away from monitoring such devices 
as telephones, especially cell phones and computers. It even requires 
limited application of the flute, the saxophone, and discussing 
issues dear to his heart and spirit such as the internally displaced 
person as he result of  hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
Bro.Bilal cannot do the work on PP&POW'S that has always been very 
important to him
We are asking people to help support Bro. Bilal and his family. Due 
to the hospitalization and the need for recovery, the family has to 
meet many expenses. There is a need for financial assistance since 
Bro. Bilal won't be able to work for some time. We are asking people 
to contribute to help with support at this time. We are also asking 
for your prayers and well wishes.
We would like you to also be aware that Sis. Fulani Sunni-Ali, Bilal 
's wife who is still rejuvenating from her illness, has been by Bro. 
Bilal's side and carrying for him. Of course, her blood pressure did 
rise during Bilal's initial illness, surgery and 
recovery/rejuvenation. Her pressure has lowered as well as Bro. 
Bilal's and Sis. Fulani is back under doctor's care.
The Sunni-Ali family is thankful for the prayers and well wishes they 
have received. And they are humbly appreciative for all those who sat 
with Bro. Bilal and have and continue to help.
  Coordinator of the International Committee in support of Imam Jamil 
Abdullah Al-Amin (Formerly Known as  H.Rap Brown).
Donations can be sent to;
P.O. Box  87433,College Park, GA.30337
Checks & Money Orders Payable should be made out to Bro. Bilal 
Sunni-Ali Support Group

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