[Ppnews] MOVE 9 Political Prisoner Janet Africa Harrassed

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Thu Jul 12 12:47:54 EDT 2007

ONA MOVE! This is an alert to all of our supporters that the guards at
SCI-Cambridge Springs, where our sisters are housed, are starting trouble.

Our sister, Janet Africa, was stopped by a male guard who said he wanted to
pat search her. Janet informed him that it's against our belief to have a
man feeling on her body and that she wanted the option of having a female
guard search her, as provided by prison policy.

She was taken to a female prison guard named Dover who became belligerant
and told Janet that she wasn't special and wasn't getting any special

Dover then told the male guard to take Janet back where he got her from and
to go ahead and search her. Janet start putting out some information on
the guards when another guard came to see what all the commotion was

Dover then tells him that he should give Janet a misconduct and put her in
the hole. This was obviously a set-up from the beginning, because all of
those prison officials know who MOVE people are and know our policy about
male guards searching our women.

What Dover said about "special treatment" makes no sense either because MOVE
didn't make the prison policy that allows for a woman to refuse to be
searched by a male guard and to have a female guard do the search. It is
prison policy, so where is the "special treatment"?

Officials are aware that The MOVE 9 are coming up for parole and these
officials are trying to provoke a situation that would be used as an excuse
to deny them parole. That's the bottom line to what's going on here and it's
just the beginning.

We're asking people to call the prison and talk to the superintendent or
leave a message for her if you can't get her on the phone. The number is
814 398-5400. Thanks for your support.

Ona Move---Ramona Africa

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