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preliminary reports indicate several arrests including former 
Panthers that resisted a 2005 grand jury and others in a 1971 SF case 
involving the death of a police officer. in 1975 cases were dropped 
as the evidence against Panthers was derived by the torture of 
several arrested in 1973.

more details will be forthcoming

Two Arrested For SFPD Murder

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)  -- Two people wanted in connection with the 
fatal shooting of a San Francisco police officer at Ingleside Station 
in 1971 were arrested this morning.

Last year, two grand juries were impaneled to investigate the events 
surrounding the death of Sgt. John Young, killed by a shots fired 
through the speaking hole of bullet proof glass in the station's lobby.

Another officer was injured in that shooting, and the five men who 
rushed the police station were able to flee.

Authorities sought charges against members of the Black Panther Party 
and a splinter group, the Black Liberation Army, but dropped them in 1975.

KCBS' Bob Melrose reports one of the suspects taken into custody this 
morning was arrested in the 700 block of McAllister Street.

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