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TO: Friends and Supporters
FR: Jalil A. Muntaqim
RE: Snatched from Auburn on June 27, 2006
Dear Friends and Supporters:

You are about to witness what happened to me on June 27, 2006, when I 
was snatched from Auburn at 6:00AM and brought to Downstate 
Correctional Facility. On this date I was awakened by an Auburn 
sergeant who told me to get dressed and that I was being taken to 
Downstate Correctional Facility. I thought I was being transferred to 
another prison, as is often the case, I do not receive any notice 
before being transferred, and usually moved in the middle of the 
morning. After getting washing and getting dressed, I was escorted to 
the arrival/departure area of the prison, where I was stripped 
searched by three correctional officers. Once I redressed, shackles 
were placed on my legs, a waist-chain wrapped around my waist, and I 
was handcuffed to the waist chain with a block box over the handcuffs 
to further limit movement of the hands in the cuffs. I was then 
placed in a van with armed correctional's in the front seat with the 
driver and other in the back seat behind me. They had other armed 
officers in two chase cars that would escort the van I was in to the 
designated prison.

After a 4 hour ride I arrived at Downstate Correctional Facility and 
the van parked in the parking lot. There I stayed in the van shackled 
and cuffed for another 2 hours waiting to learn why I was brought to 
the prison. I was told that I would not be permitted to enter the 
prison, they didn't want me inside the prison, and would have to wait 
in the parking lot until I was to be seen. After a 2 hour wait, I was 
taken to the arrival/departure driveway of the prison hospital, where 
I was met by the prison "GOON SQUAD" or Ninja Turtles as they are 
often referred by prisoners when brutally assaulted by these guards.

I was forcible removed from the van, while complaining that they 
should take it easy, that I was getting out of the van. The guard on 
the left immediately seized my thumb and started twisting it in an 
effort to intimidate me and take control of the situation. As is 
seen, I was taken into the hospital and there informed I was brought 
to the facility in order for police officials to extract DNA from me. 
The court order stated they would use whatever force necessary to 
extract the DNA, either by swabbing my mouth or from taking blood 
through a hypodermic needle. Of course, I demanded my lawyer to be 
present for the entire proceedings and refused to give my name and 
number to identify myself for the proceedings.

Knowing New York State already has my DNA on record, it didn't seem 
prudent to resist, however, it was important to learn who were the 
major players in the proceeding. At that point I began to ask 
specific people questions to learn more about this unusual 
proceeding. You will learn exactly why I was snatched from Auburn and 
brought to Downstate Correctional Facility.

As many of you know, Homeland Security has provided various local 
police departments exorbitant amounts of money to open and attempt to 
solve cold cases. As you will leam, I was brought to the prison 
subject to such an investigation of a 35 year old case. But what is 
significant about the specific case is that I was already in jail 
when the incident happened. So, if I was already in jail, there is no 
way possible for me to have been a part of the incident being 
investigated or have DNA at the scene of the incident. Nonetheless, 
after the swab was taken, I was place back into the van and brought 
back to Aubum and allowed to retum to the cell, as if was a normal 
day doing time in the Big House!

It is obvious that Homeland Security and police departments are 
wasting millions of tax payer dollars, especially in efforts to 
intimidate and harass political prisoners. In over 35 years of 
imprisonment, I have leamed the state will conjure, manufacture, 
intimidate and torture innocent political prisoners and deny any 
semblance of human rights in order to establish their authority. In 
situations like this, activists should always demand to see, speak 
to, or have their attorney available. They should attempt to leam the 
names and official rank/position of all the players involved, and 
should never enter into dialogue or conversation about whatever is 
being investigated without the advise of your attomey. Remember - We 
Are Our Own Liberators!

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