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Otis Jackson has finally broken his silence! Let Imam Jamil Go Free!

by Sr. Tazkiya and Br. Naji [Washington, DC]

As Imam Jamil languishes in prison for a crime he didn't commit, the
guilty has been silenced and prevented from accepting responsibility for
the crime which he, not Imam Jamil committed.

For those who may not be familiar with his name, Otis Jackson is the man
who confessed to having shot two Fulton County sheriff's deputies, killing
one and injuring the second, and was later thought to have recanted his
confession. This recanting paved the way for a long "judicial" process in
which Imam Jamil Al-Amin was unjustly tried and convicted of the

However, Otis Jackson, (who has been given an assumed name in prison by
the government, presumably so no one can locate and contact him), has
finally made contact with sources close to Imam Jamil. In his letter,
Jackson states he never recanted his confession rather, it was recanted
for him:

"Unfortunately the law enforcement officials wanted him and so they were
willing to let me walk on the death of one of their own when they knew
that it was me deputy Kinchen shot me in my arm so my blood is there. I
looked into the eyes of English so he must remember me but he was never
showed my picture and I never recanted anything; they recanted for me I
pray to Allah (SWT) that this murder is taken off of the Imam and put on
the right person me"

Mr. Jackson not only confesses to this crime, he also accepts the
punishment of serving out the sentence:

"I will not walk out this gate when it comes time for me to go. I only
want to move from here to GA so Jamil can go home to his family and the
right man can go to prison."

This new development is yet another example of how Imam Jamil is being
vilified by the "judicial system". There is clear evidence that he did not
commit these crimes and that the man who did is being kept from accepting
accountability for his actions. Imam Jamil's defense team was never even
given the opportunity to meet with Otis Jackson! Obviously the government
wants Imam Jamil out of the picture and they have accomplished that thus
far, by lying and withholding evidence and witnesses. Please keep the Imam
and his family in your thoughts and prayers as his Habeas Corpus hearing
is fast approaching us on February 27th. That is of course, if there is no
motion granted postponing the hearing due to this new evidence.

LATEST on Imam Jamil al-Amin: Hearing on February 27, 2007

         3830 34th Street
         Mt. Rainier, MD 20712

         As-Salaam Alaikum!
         Peace & Blessings!

            On behalf of the Imam Jamil Action Network, I want to thank you
for your continued prayers and support for the revered Muslim
leader, Imam Jamil Al-Amin. He has a Habeas Corpus hearing
scheduled this week, so please continue to pray that Allah make
it easier for him.

            There are some hopeful developments taking place surrounding
his situation however. Fundraiser concerts are being planned
for the Washington, DC area, and if you'd like to get involved,
please call or email BrotherHodari at hotmail.com.

            Of immediate interest is the two page letter written by the
person who has confessed to the shootings for which Imam Jamil
was convicted of and who sits in prison in Reidsville, Ga
serving a "life sentence". It is written by James Santos,
formerly known as Otis Jackson, and who has also taken the name
Farrakhan Malik Bey. He is currently incarcerated in a Florida
prison on other charges. His address is James Santos # B03187,
Martin Correctional Institution, 1150 S.W. Allapatah Road,
Indiantown, FL 34956.

           Please share this information far and wide so that community
support can be increased, especially among people who believed
that Imam Jamil is responsible for the death and injury of the
two Atlanta deputies. For more information on the case, go to

           Finally I just spoke with my IJAN colleague, Yahya Abdus-Sabur,
who told me that he along with Sahib Abdus-Salaam were with Imam
Jamil for 6 hours both today (2/25/07) and yesterday.  He said
his spirit is good and that he sounds the same. The only
difference is that he is wearing different clothes and is in a
different environment. Alhamdulillah that Imam Jamil remains
strong! Let us do our part to help get him out and back with his
family and community.

          Hodari Abdul-Ali

         IJAN Executive Director

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