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Thu Feb 22 11:18:54 EST 2007

BPP Prisoner needs your phone call!

Pass Widely!!!

Call ALL DAY Tuesday 2/20 & Wednesday 2/21!!!.

currently on lockdown 24/ 7.
Your immediate phone calls are essential...200 calls by Wednesday 
2/21/07 to get him off lockdown!

Write a letter for his FREEDOM on March 29!

What is going on at Lancaster? How can we FREE CHIP?????

Over 600 inmates have been on lockdown since early January at 
Lancaster State Prison. One of those inmates is Romaine "Chip" 
Fitzgerald, the longest held Black Panther Party member in the prison system.

The men have been allowed one shower every 72 hours. Two grown men in 
a shower for one.

In the words of Chip Fitzgerald, written on January 23, 2007...

"...still on lockdown. They are dragging this nonsense out. They 
don't respond to administrative appeals because they investigate 
themselves, and turn a blind eye to each others violation and corruption.

This is where outside phone calls are so vital- especially from 
politicians and Cali Legislator, or in the name of the NAACP. Why 
we're on lockdown? The possession of weapons, call phone, narcotics, 
etc. has nothing to do with white/ black convicts- only about 6 
convicts. So why are we being punished? No privileges- the whole 
facility has been searched! A telephone and e-mail campaign can move 

TAKE 5 MINUTES! MAKE 3 PHONE CALLS! Goal is 200 calls by Wednesday, 
February 21, 2007


"Lancaster State Prison has had over 600 prisoners on lockdown status 
since early January? Why are the prisoners STILL on lockdown status 
and when are they coming off? When will they have their entitlements 
and rights as prisoners, reinstated?"

Secretary of Corrections: J.E. Tilton (916) 323-6001
CA Dept. of Corrections & Rehabilitation (916) 445-7682
Federal Judge Thelton Henderson (Civil Rights Attorney) (415)522-3630

Please send an email after you call to... freechipfitzgerald at yahoo.com

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San Francisco, CA 94110
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