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Dear Friends:
Bart Bedsole, Reporter for KRIS TV Channel 6, interviewed Ramsey Muniz
upon his arrival at Three Rivers, Texas. The interview was shown
on Channel 6 News. Below is a link to the interview, which
includes the actual video clip shown on television.

To watch the interview, click on the link below, then click on the small
orange video camera icon on the left.  If you are asked to download
software, click on the button to download. It should take seconds.(If
the link does not take you to the website, copy and paste it into your
web browser).

You will first watch a video of Terra Mar (Al Hogan Homes). At the
end of that video clip, Ramsey's interview will play.

We thank Mr. Bedsole for his work to bring this issue to the public's
eye. I have received positive comments from so many people.

Please distribute widely.

Ramsey Muniz Interview

CORPUS CHRISTI - Ramsey Muniz made a name for himself in the 70s with
an impressive run for Texas governor on the Raza Unida party ticket.
But now Muniz is serving a life sentence in prison, following two
federal drug convictions.

Supporters of the former Corpus Christi resident said the punishment
doesn't fit his crime. And in his first interview, since he was
transferred to a prison in Three Rivers prison, he talked about his
fight for freedom.

After more than a decade in what he considers "exile," Muniz is a
Coastal Bend resident once again. "I'm just real pleased, and I'm
real happy to be back," he said. He was the first Mexican American
to run for governor. Now Muniz devotes much of his time behind bars
learning about ancient Mexican culture and spirituality.

But he also makes it a point to stay up on current events.
"I get the USA Today; I get the Newsweek," he said. "I get Time; I
get the Texas Monthly. I get every possible thing that I can stay
up with."

Muniz admitted that prison has changed him by making him stronger
and more knowledgeable than before. "You know, one side or the other,
you're either going to become one with more heart, or you're going to
become a cold person, one or the two," Muniz said, "and I'm just
thankful that I am who I am now."

His wife, Irma Muniz, has stood by him throughout his tenure behind
bars. "He is just absolutely the most beautiful person I've ever had
in my life," she said.

Irma Muniz continues to fight for her husband's freedom, claiming he
was unfairly targeted by federal agents, and that his life sentence
was too extreme for the alleged crime.

"Even though things are definitely improving, there's a sadness that
won't go away because I don't have my husband," she said.

To this day, Muniz considers himself a political prisoner because of
his ties to the Raza Unida party and the Chicano movement at the time
he was arrested.

"There's no question about it," he said. "The whole entire process is
all a political process. Anytime or anywhere that the government is
involved, it's going to be political."

Ironically, it was two semi-political groups that helped to bring him
back. In 2006, the National organizations of LULAC and the American
GI Forum both passed resolutions asking for his humanitarian release.

"To me, it was a no brainer, bringing this up," LULAC District
Director Joe Ortiz said. "It just needed to be brought up. If it's
not a Hispanic civil rights organization backing up Ramsey, then who will?"

Muniz predicts he will eventually regain his freedom, but even if he
is released, he doesn't foresee any more campaigns for public office.
He does, however, believe the time for Hispanics to rise is now.

"We're going to make a tremendous impact in this coming history,"
Muniz said. "And it's time for us, for all, to come together."

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