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Dear Friends and Supporters

Romaine (Chip) Fitzgerald has a parole hearing set for
March 29, 2007. We are calling on all supporters of
political prisoners to act on Chip's behalf. His
support group is asking for letters to be sent to his
attorney requesting the Department of Prison Terms
(DPT) to grant Chip's parole. These letters will be
delivered to the DPT by his attorney.

His attorney's address can be found at:

For those unaware of Chip's case, he has the 'dubious
distinction' of being the longest held political
prisoner in the United States. Held since 1969, his
arrest and conviction occurred during the same period
as the frame up of Geronimo Pratt. Both men were
members of the Los Angeles chapter of the Black
Panther Party, which at the time was under siege by
the Los Angeles Police Department.

Like Pratt, Chip has been accused of a crime that he
did not commit (the killing of security guard, Barge
Miller.) Geronimo was released after serving 27 years
when it became known that the FBI kept information
away from Geronimo's defense attorneys that proved his
innocence; Fitzgerald has yet to see the same justice.

It is believed that Chip was set up for the murder of
Barge Miller due of his involvement in a shootout with
the California Highway Patrol (CHP). This shootout
left both Chip and one CHP officer injured. Later, the
CHP officer admitted the police had orders to shoot
members of the Black Panther Party. It is clear that
Chip acted in self-defense. The shooting of Barge
Miller took place while Chip was recovering from a
gunshot wound to the head- just three weeks after the
CHP incident. He was only made aware of the killing of
Miller and the charges against him after he was
finally arrested for the altercation with the CHP

Chip was convicted for both incidents and is currently
serving two life sentences- one conviction for an act
of self-defense- another conviction for a crime he is
innocent of.

In 1998, Chip suffered a massive stroke and over the
years has been denied proper medical care for the
stroke and a degenerative spinal condition.

He is scheduled to re-appear before the Board of
Prison Terms on March 29, 2007. We are calling on all
supporters of Romaine (Chip) Fitzgerald and other
political prisoners to write the Board of Prison
Terms, requesting them to grant Fitzgerald's parole.

More information on Chip, can be found at:

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