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Fri Dec 21 18:22:49 EST 2007

Dear Friends of the Freedom Archives

Some of you may have received our recent letter 
and many of you have already responded – many thanks! If not,

You are the essential element. As a remarkably 
successful year draws to a close, we are reaching 
out to enlist your support. The Freedom Archives 
is not funded by any government agencies and 
receives support funding from only a few 
progressive family foundations. We rely on 
you­our individual contributors­to keep our work 
going strong. Your contributions are the 
essential element in ensuring our success and 
bringing progressive history and its lessons into the future.

The Freedom Archives continues to teach high 
school and college age youth media and 
documentation skills while learning about our 
recent history. The youth program is the most 
inspiring aspect of our work! We work on a daily 
basis with communities around the country. Our 
collections are utilized for a wide range of projects.

Our latest video, Legacy of Torture, testifies to 
the powerful role that radical media can play in 
building public awareness and a movement for 
justice. The film places the current case of the 
San Francisco 8 in the historical context of 
COINTELPRO, torture, and the war against the 
Black Liberation movement. Legacy of Torture has 
become a catalyst for solidarity. More than 1500 
copies of the film have been distributed, 
sparking discussion in schools and communities. 
Your support provided the resources to release 
the film with Spanish subtitles for broadcast in 
Venezuela, for showings in Africa and at national 
and international film festivals.

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We’re also excited to announce the release of our 
Paul Robeson audio CD, exploring his political 
thought through spoken word excerpts. With an ear 
to younger generations, Robeson’s passion for 
justice and internationalism create an 
ever-relevant learning tool and inspiring 
listening experience. Again, your support helped 
to make this important work possible. We are 
having a CD Release Party on Wednesday, February 27 at La Peña in Berkeley.

Your contributions will also support one of our 
newest Freedom Archives projects ­ COINTELPRO 101 
­ a firsthand video primer on government 
repression against progressive movements. Early 
phases of this project include interviews with 
survivors of government repression then and now.

The Freedom Archives has become a recognized 
voice in the movement for change. But you are the 
essential element. Please take the time today to 
support our efforts. Thank you in advance for 
your generous and much-needed contributions.

Freedom Archives
522 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

415 863-9977

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