[Ppnews] NY - 12/17 - Pack the courtroom for the Warrens!

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Fri Dec 14 20:43:41 EST 2007

Pack the court for the Warrens bright and early Monday

Monday, December 17
Michael Tarif & Evelyn - (both!)
9:00 a.m.
Criminal Court, AP2,
6th Floor
120 Schermerhorn Street
Brooklyn, New York

Take the 2,3,4 or 5 train to
Borough Hall or the A or F
trains to Jay St./Borough Hall.
[or A, C or G to Hoyt-Schermerhorn or
M, R to Court St.-Borough Hall --t.]


We are two attorneys, who practice law in New York City. As attorneys, we
have a general practice, but Tarif is known for handling high profile
criminal cases, and cases of police brutality, including those of Michael
Stewart, Yvonne Smallwood, and the five Black teenagers falsely convicted
of raping the white bank executive "the Central Park Jogger." On Thursday,
June 21, 2007 we became victims of police abuse in Brooklyn.

What Happened?

We were stopped at a traffic light in rush hour traffic, on our way to a
legal meeting, when we saw members of the New York City Police Department
apprehend, handcuff, and kick and stomp a young Black man. We asked the
officers why they were doing this and ended up beaten and arrested,

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